How to cancel a friend in PUBG Mobile

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With just a simple mouse click, PUBG Mobile players can easily unfriend in PUBG Mobile with others. And of course, the deletion of friends in PUBG Mobile is also conducted in the very interface of Game Friends that we used to make friends to play PUBG Mobile before.

PUBG Mobile is the most attractive survival shooter today. Not only in Vietnam, Asia or any other country, but PUBG Mobile has become popular all over the world and is one of the most popular survival games in the world. Therefore, the need to make friends or unfriend other players in PUBG Mobile is not difficult to understand.

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How to delete friends in PUBG Mobile

Step 1: You start the game PUBG Mobile, from the main interface, you touch or as in this article the writer uses Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator so we will click on friends icon on the screen as below.

The main interface of PUBG Mobile

Step 2: In the next interface, select the item Game Friends In the list that appears on the right, you will see your entire friends list appear as below.

Select Game Friends

Step 3: If you want to delete any friends, unfriend someone, just tap Icon head with a slash mark (picture below) that corresponds to that person, and then select next OK in the next notice to agree.

Select the friends to remove from the list

Step 4: At this point, your PUBG Mobile friends list will be reduced by one person. Do the same with others to continue filtering your list.

Delete friends in PUBG Mobile successfully

PUBG Mobile is currently the best survival game right now, if you have made friends with other players and now want to remove your friends, you can follow this tutorial.

Video instructions for unfriending in PUBG Mobile:

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