How to buy and sell items in the Cloud Garden

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Unlike other farm games, Cloud Garden is a game where we will be planting many species of plants that we like in pots placed on each cloud. But for many people who are new to this game, they often wonder how to buy and sell items?

If you want to deliver items that you don’t need, use the feature Sale stalls. Still Classifieds message board and Store will make it possible to buy the necessary items at reasonable prices. Today will introduce the article on how to buy and deliver on the Cloud Garden, invite you to follow along.

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How to buy and sell items in the Cloud Garden

1. Guide to sell items on the Cloud Garden

When the items are full of stock, we need to deliver or sell off the items that we do not need at Sale stallsIn order to sell the items, please follow these steps:

Step 1: First press stalls icons in your garden.

Click on the icon of the counter

Step 2: At this point, the feature Stalls sales will be displayed, please click any one the cart is empty camp counters.

Click on an empty cart

Step 3: Choose items that I want to sell at the warehouse.

Select item

Step 4: Next, we’re going to set it up amount and price of items by clicking plus and minus signs. Finally, click the button Order for sale.

Press the Sell button

Step 5: Now that the item is for sale, then we will have to wait for someone to come buy and receive money.

Item has been delivered for sale

2. Instructions to buy items in the Classifieds bulletin board

All the same items that other players sell in the snack counter will be displayed by the system on the classifieds bulletin board. Here you can buy the items you need at a reasonable price.

Step 1: To be able to buy items in Classifieds message board the first thing to do is to click Mailbox icon in my garden.

Click on the mailbox icon

Step 2: Here will display the quantity and price of the items, touch the item you want to buy.

Click on the item to be purchased

Step 3: At this point, the sales counter of the seller of the item you want to buy is displayed and clicked cart that contains items to be purchased.

Click the item containing the item to be purchased

3. Guide to buy items at the Store

If you want to buy items such as: insect rackets, pots, decorations, event trees, … but find forever at Classifieds message board If you still don’t have one, you can enter Store of the game to buy.

Step 1: Click the cart in the lower left corner of the screen.

Click the cart icon

Step 2: Here will display all the items you want to buy divided into different booths such as: Plants, Pots, Decoration, Materials for upgrading, Other Items. Please click stall icon have the item you want to buy.

Step 3: Finally, press the item that you want to buy.

Click on the item to purchase

We hope that after following the article on how to buy and sell items on the Cloud Garden, you can freely find and buy for yourself the necessary items or sell the items to earn more. gold money.

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Wish you all success!

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