How to block the “industry” sister from Facebook comments

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You feel sore eyes and angry when you see some people taking advantage of the Facebook mechanism to spam comments with pretty girl avatars. So how to block my sister “industry” from commenting on Facebook or the Facebook Fanpage that I am managing now?

Recently, there has been a problem of girls in the industry soliciting Facebook users to chat with them. Although it is not clear what the purpose is, we have to block the sister of the Facebook comment industry because it has a lot of potential dangers when these are just Auto Facebook accounts and it was created to entice users to click on unsafe links.

How are you?

Although there is no way to block the Facebook comment industry sister, if you are managing Facebook, try to block it manually according to the instructions below.

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How to block girls from commenting on Facebook

You must have seen countless comments like the one below, right, so angry and guilty for the girls whose avatars were taken by bad guys with bad intentions and purposes. These are the girls blocking Facebook comments in the past that or you know already. To block a girl from Facebook commenting industry, as long as you are managing a Facebook Fanpage or a personal Facebook, you can do it very easily.

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Step 1: First you just need to click third dot on comment there and then click hide comments.

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Step 2: However, that’s just hiding the comment, hasn’t really blocked the sister of the Facebook comment industry with that object. To end the problem you need to Click on the object name that again.

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Here you will see her name is banned so blocking the new Facebook comment industry sister is a success. Not only for that article, but also for the entire article that is subject to comments on your Facebook Fanpage or personal Facebook.

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The trick to block girls in the Facebook comment industry is as simple as that, readers please refer to and apply immediately to the page you are managing to make sure you don’t see spam comments active on your page or Fanpage anymore.

In addition, this method will help you limit being blocked from Facebook commenting, but this method will not make that member deleted from your page. But this is perfectly fine because when you remove a member from a Facebook page, that person can come back and comment.
And to be more secure for your Facebook account as well as those who have missed chatting with that object, recommends that you activate Facebook 2-layer security right now. By activating 2-layer security, Facebook will make your account extremely safe, making it impossible for objects to log in even though they know your password.

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