How to access blocked Facebook on iPhone, iPad

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You can’t log in to Facebook on your iPhone because it’s blocked, you can try one of the following, making it easy to access even if it’s blocked. Please refer to know how to access Facebook on iPhone when blocked.

On your computer when blocked from Facebook, you can use Hotspot Shield or Ultrasurf to access Facebook. Hotspot Shield helps you stay anonymous when surfing the web and access websites blocked by carriers and countries through an intermediary server, helping users avoid censorship, ensuring the security of personal data. online multiplication

Log in to facebook on your iphone when you

Instructions for accessing blocked Facebook on iPhone, iPad

Like Hotspot Shield, Ultrasurf supports hiding its old IP address, giving computers fake IPs, helping to access Facebook and many Web sites that are blocked by each country’s service providers. However, on iPhone and iPad phones, accessing blocked Facebook will be a little different, more details please follow the content below.

How to access Facebook on iPhone when blocked

Method 1: Change DNS
Changing DNS is the simplest and easiest way that can help you use the Facebook app or other apps associated with Facebook, download photos, view comments, and do everything the apps support. It is very easy when you read just follow the following steps:
Step 1: First, from the user interface, you access the application Settings (Settings) and tap Wi-Fi.

Log in to facebook on your iphone when you

Step 2: Next, you click on the icon (i) corresponding to the wifi name you are connecting to as shown below.

Log in to facebook on your iphone when you

Step 3: The information interface about the device’s IP address appears, guys click on the line DNS >delete old DNS Go and enter one of the following DNS:
– Google DNS: or
– OpenDNS: or

Log in to facebook on your iphone when you

Method 2. Change Proxy
If you change the DNS and you still can’t access Facebook, try doing this quite simple way to change the Proxy because it is also common when it comes to fixing the blocked Facebook error.
Keep the changed DNS part, you scroll down to the PROXY HTTP section at the bottom, select Manual (Handmade)

Log in to facebook on your iphone when you

Click on item Server (Server) and Port enter the proxy address as shown below:

Log in to facebook on your iphone when you

In addition, readers can search for Proxy (Server) and Port (Gateway) on the internet with the keyword “proxy” or HERE
Method 3: Using Opera browser (Opera Mini, Opera Mobile):
– Download some settings Opera Mini for iPhone
Opera has an intermediary server between you and the website. When you enter a web page address and ask Opera to load the page, this server will process the web first and then send it to your computer. As a result, any blocked websites, including Facebook, go through Opera’s servers first, so they won’t be blocked by carriers.

how to login facebook on iphone

Method 4: Add an “O” number to create a secure link
After the address, you add a number “0” to make it This applies to all browsers. You can access Facebook anytime if you want.

how to login facebook on ios
Have a lot of how to access blocked facebook on phone iPhone as well as Android. You can use the ways that introduced in the article or not, please download and install software that supports accessing blocked web on iPhone, Androdi like Hotspot Shield for Android or Hotspot Shield for iPhone

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