How is Monster Hunter: World after 1 month of release?

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Monster Hunter is a popular series for a long time, but it did not attract too many players because of its “hardcore”. Therefore, when the game sold more than 6 million copies in just 1 month, many loyal players of this series were surprised. However, that’s still not all that happened in the first month Monster Hunter: World debut.

1 – With the above 6 million figure, Monster Hunter: World is also the fastest selling game in the history of the game. Capcom.​


2 – Monter Hunter: World currently owns an Event Quest system – The quests only appear in a certain period of time. If you’re interested, you should look up the schedules of these quests on the game’s website, as they’re actually quite hard to find. The game is currently in its second quest sequence, requiring players to reach Hunter Rank 11 by the end of February, with the reward being an Aloy appearance set for the player himself.

3 – The Street Fighter equipment set with Ryu and Sakura’s appearance also received the support of many gamers. With Ryu’s appearance, you will have the opportunity to unleash his trademark punches in the game of hunters. To achieve this goal, players need to earn enough tickets from an arena quest where the main opponents are giant Barroths.​


4 – The popularity of Monster Hunter: World has brought to the series millions of new gamers, and they will obviously encounter problems during the game experience. There are veteran gamers of Monster Hunter who are always ready to support the apprentice hunters. They are setting up Discord channels, or even a website like Adopt-a-Hunter, for this purpose.

5 – Fans everywhere have asked Capcom if they will “port” Monster Hunter: World to Switch, and the answer is “no”. World was developed for PS4 and Xbox One long before the Switch came out, and Haruhito Tsujimoto, general manager of Capcom has said that it will be difficult to port the game to the Switch.


6 – Referring to Tsujimoto, perhaps very few people know, that the production director of Monster Hunter: World is named Ryozo Tsujimoto. He is the third son of Kenzo Tsujimoto, the founder of Capcom. Ryozo’s brother Haruhito Tsujimoto, as mentioned above, is the current CEO of Capcom. Not only with World, Ryozo is also the executive producer of many other Monster Hunter games.

7 – Monster Hunter: World canteen dishes have been successfully recreated in real life. In addition to being identical to the game, they are also described as extremely appetizing (as well as pleasing to the eye).


8 – Monster Hunter: World encountered a few bugs during its first month of release, and Capcom quickly fixed them, such as Xbox One’s matchmaking system, or some Squad issues… Besides, after When the player discovered that the Slicing Ammo was too unbalanced when compared to other weapons, Capcom rebalanced the power of this ammo (Bowgun’s).

9 – One problem that Capcom has not been able to fix yet, is that gamers are “trolled” by their own teammates, when they are constantly interrupted in the process of collecting materials after defeating monsters (You cannot can damage allies, but can interrupt their movements). Capcom is working on a way to fix this situation, but it’s still present in Monster Hunter: World for the time being.

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