How characters in the Marvel universe have changed over the past 10 years (P.2)

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For in the world of comics, superheroes will of course bring a sense of eternal existence, or maybe “young forever”. But on the screen, through the movies, it is possible to realize that time has also quietly changed their appearance. For 10 years Marvel building a cinematic universe, it can be said that since the first time “Wolf Man” Wolverine appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, it has been more than 18 years, so these characters will definitely have many different things.

5. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)

Scarlett Johansson has always been a cult beauty of Hollywood and MCU. Not only is she extremely charming, but when she plays Black Widow – the only female Avenger in the group (early period), the beauty’s strength makes the fans’ hearts flutter. During the past 8 years, Black Widow not only kept her peak beauty as before, but also gradually became a brave warrior who fought selflessly for the peace of the whole universe.

6. Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner)

It can be seen that Hawkeye’s change over the years has not been too big. Fans also joked that, perhaps because after each battle, he was able to return to a peaceful home to rest, so he always kept his youthful features. However, after the “Infinity Battle” event in Avengers 3luxurious Avengers 4Hawkeye may return to reunite with the audience with a new look.

7. Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

Over the past few years, Thor’s fate has also encountered many difficulties. Originally a thousand-year-old god in Asgard, he has now become a key member of the Avengers, but has lost all of his family, close friends and half of his subjects. The biggest change of Thor now is the image of him with neat short hair and a new weapon ax.

8. Captain America (Chris Evans)

Captain America first appeared in the MCU as a skinny guy. But many years have passed, Steve Rogers is now a tall, brave man, leading the Avengers team in protecting the earth. Until later Civil War, Steve Rogers’ act of discarding his shield means that from now on he is no longer Captain America. So Cap appeared in Infinity War in a much more styled look with his black combat outfit and beard.

9. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)

Ten years ago, Iron Man It was the first shooting movie that opened the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although his age is quite advanced by now, but Robert Downey Jr. is still forever the best Iron Man in the hearts of the audience. Chris Evans (Captain America) himself once said that, unlike other superheroes, even many years later, no one can replace Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, because only he is the most suitable person to embody this character.

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