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Heroes War: Counter Attack is the name of a zombie role-playing game using turn-based gameplay mechanics, newly developed and released by the game developer and publisher. Com2uS recently launched on both iOS and Android platforms worldwide. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly disease has wiped out most of humanity, called Virus Z. Join the game, players will have to choose one of two factions to fight and try their best to survive.

Originally located deep under the glacier, but due to global warming, Virus Z has “risen” and went to sweep the human population. Humans tried to produce a vaccine but it was futile given the rapid spread of this virus. In the face of a dangerous situation, Heroes War: Counter Attack allows the player to command one of two factions, the Survivors Union or the Harz Alliance. The Survivors Union is a force of people who are not infected using the powerful and mysterious “Neostones”. The other side is the Harz Alliance, humans who have been infected but are conscious and endowed with superpowers from the virus.


Heroes War: Counter Attack’s strategy includes hours of PVE and PVP combat surrounded by an innovative combat system that combines classic turn-based combat with a new counter-attack mechanism that allows players to overturn. situation in any war. Instead of focusing on collecting new characters like many other games of the same genre, players can choose a development system for stronger characters. In Counter Attack, new characters can be recruited through direct cash purchases or through completing various quests.

The PVE mission is as follows:

  • A campaign for each faction to learn the backstory of their faction with many different copies and chapters

  • Battle Center includes many different types of copies and rewards are Badges, Cores and experience points​

  • When the player fights the boss, the Trace Specimens mode will help farm stronger to earn equipment


PVP Mission:

  • Arena – Where players battle with other players to earn arena points.​

  • Mercenary Missions includes search and capture missions. In the quest, the player must find and destroy as many Blowbys as possible. The capture mission allows the player to take control and hold the base to deal with reinforcements. The reward for this quest is gold and mercenary points​


iOS download link:

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Android download link:

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