Crazy fans racing to climb the mountain appeared in “Demon Slayer” despite the danger of life

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Debuting the first season last year, Demon Slayer – The Demon Slayer quickly gained the community Anime Warm welcome. The film follows Kamado Tanjiro’s journey to become a demon slayer after his family was slaughtered and his younger sister Nezuko turned into a demon. Attractive plot, beautiful techniques, unique character building, Demon Slayer owns an extremely large fan base. Also because of their great love for the film, many fans living in Japan come to Mount Kumotori in Tokyo – a place that appears in Demon Slayer to discover reality despite warnings from city officials about extremely dangerous weather and terrain conditions.


In the Anime, Mount Kumotori is where the main characters – the Kamado brothers were born. Due to the success of the film, this place suddenly became extremely popular, many fans aspire to conquer this mountain. It is not uncommon to love a movie and want to explore the places that appear in that movie, but unfortunately, many people are not aware of how dangerous it is to make a mountain climb. People in Okutama, the town closest to the mountain, witnessed many people trying to climb to the top of the mountain while wearing only T-shirts and sandals.

The journey to the top of Kumotori takes at least 12 hours, and in the harsh conditions of the mountains, even the most experienced climbers cannot anticipate the risk. Okutama Tourist Center then only issued a warning to visitors, encouraging people to wear warm clothes and prepare enough food to last for 2-3 days without giving orders. which ban.


Although currently there have not been any unfortunate incidents reported, but for those who intend to climb Mount Kumotori in this severe weather, please carefully study the terrain and prepare full equipment as well. as food to ensure safety. Taking risks makes our lives more interesting, but endangering our lives really shouldn’t be.​

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