Hearthstone: Legendary free, 18 cards buffed in June

Hearthstone Rise of the Mech
Hearthstone Rise of the Mech

Behold the Rise of the Mech!

Log in to Hearthstone during the Rise of the Mech event from June 3 to July 1 and receive a new Legendary Golden Mech card, SN1P-SN4P.


If you miss the event, you can craft SN1P-SN4P for 1600 Dust.

  • Note: SN1P-SN4P will be part of The Boomsday Project and will rotate with this set. However, SN1P-SN4P will not fall from the card pack of The Boomsday Project. Golden SN1P-SN4P can only be obtained during the Rise of the Mech event, and SN1P-SN4P can only be crafted with dust.


Change the card

In this update, Blizzard decided to take two cards per class in The Boomsday Project and increase their power a bit. The team believes that the cards they choose will make for a more enjoyable and fun experience, and the goal of these changes is to encourage you to think differently about the way decks are built. Hopefully these cards will appear regularly during this wave, and create entirely new decks with no long-term bad effects. If the goal of a balance update is to get rid of cards that are too strong in the meta, then the goal of the Rise of the Mech update is to bring fresh, fun ideas.


Gloop Sprayer reduced to (7) Mana. (Down from 8)

NHKFZXAFZTEB1558041361236 - Emergenceingame

Mulchmuncher reduced to (9) Mana. (Down from 10)

2CJSNUSNIJZ01558107182041 - Emergenceingame


Necromechanic reduced to (4) Mana. (Down from 5)

2LDLD7AUHESO1558107182064 - Emergenceingame

Flark’s Boom-Zooka reduced to (7) Mana. (Down from 8)


Unexpected Results reduced to (3) Mana. (Down from 4)

REXKAI6WKN7E1558107185287 - Emergenceingame

Luna’s Pocket Galaxy reduced to (5) Mana. (Down from 7)

OW9Y5KV4YGPC1558107181726 - Emergenceingame


Crystology reduced to (1) Mana. (Down from 2)

TRS71EEEB1O41558107185875 - Emergenceingame

Glowstone Technician reduced to (5) Mana. (Down from 6)

OBRMYM7U22G91558114718967 - Emergenceingame


Extra Arms reduced to (1) Mana. (Down from 3)

PO1CB6YP30KR1558107186102 - Emergenceingame

Cloning Devine reduced to (1) Mana. (Down from 2)

ZIJO5JO97KKC1558114719228 - Emergenceingame


Pogo-Hopper reduced to (1) Mana. (Down from 2)

K76YSDIMDE781558107182299 - Emergenceingame

Violet Haze reduced to (2) Mana. (Down from 3)

FLS5997HL0BY1558114718850 - Emergenceingame


The Storm Bringer reduced to (6) Mana. (Down from 7)

2S8GMAODMI6U1558107182598 - Emergenceingame

Thunderhead increased to 3/6 (Up from 3/5)

QY7CMO0H2CD41558107185043 - Emergenceingame


Spirit Bomb reduced to (1) Mana. (Down from 2)

U7OZX0GSMJ9F1558107182292 - Emergenceingame

Dr. Morrigan reduced to (6) Mana. (Down from 8)

ZDYXUKZ7IARA1558107186061 - Emergenceingame


Security Rover increased to 2/6. (Increased from 2/5)

2BI9UIHL1G6E1558114718973 - Emergenceingame

Beryllium Nullifier increased to 4/8. (Increased from 3/8)

Q32IM9LU1SU31558107185608 - Emergenceingame

If you want to see these changes before the update rolls out, you can check out the Mech-vitational event taking place June 3-4.



The next Arena Season will be Electrical themed!

Starting with the Rise of the Mech update on June 3, the cards included in the Arena draft will be rotated to be replaced with the following sets:

  • Classic
  • Basic
  • Goblins vs. Gnomes
  • The Grand Tournament
  • Karazhan
  • The Boomsday Project
  • Rise of Shadows

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