Guide to treasure hunting in Play Together

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In the game Play Together, treasure hunting is one of the most fascinating quests. Here are how to find treasure chest, gold chest in Play Together.

Find the gold chest in Play Together

The Forgotten Island is the best place to find the golden chests. If you’ve been here before, you’ll see many players trying to dig ore, loot other items and gold chest is one of them.

Golden Chest – Golden Chest in Play Together provides you with a lot of valuable items, sometimes even items that can only be purchased with real money. However, note that you cannot trade items from the gold chest with other players.

How to dig a gold chest in Play Together

Should I find the gold chest in Play Together?

If you’re looking for a specific item, you’re less likely to get it by randomly digging a crate. Finding the Golden Chest is a long and difficult task that can take hours. Occasionally, you will only find normal ore, which cannot be compared with the resources in the gold chest. So, if you have enough patience and time, join this treasure hunt!

Where to start treasure hunting in Play Together?

Currently, finding gold chests can only be done during the weekly event at Forgotten Island. It is open to all residents of Kaia Island every weekend for 24 hours. While the main objective of the event is to earn as many stars as possible, you can dig around and find many other resources.

How to find treasures in Play Together

There are currently three types of rewards you can get in this Play Together event for digging around with a shovel. They are:

  • Normal Ore: Normal ores are abundant and not difficult to dig. It gives you about 50-150 coins depending on the type of ore. The amount of ore is set completely randomly but has a specific limit.
  • Gian Ore: This ore is similar to normal ore but larger and rarer. It gives you more resources than Normal Ore.
  • Golden Treasure Chest: The rarest ore in the forgotten island. This is the treasure chest every Play Together player wants every weekend. It provides the most resources and is also the only inventory that gives you luxurious costumes and many other great value items.

How to mine ore and find treasure chests in Play Together

Treasures on the Forgotten Island

First, you need to understand how to dig things up. Indispensable equipment is a shovel. Shovels in Play Together are of different quality. The main difference between them is in speed. The better the shovel, the faster you can loot stuff out of the sand. Using a low level shovel will take longer to dig the gold chest, which can take up to several minutes. It is best to equip a gold shovel for the best results in the process of mining ore and treasure hunting.

After you have the shovel, next, you will walk down to the sand. As soon as you set foot in the sand, you will see two obvious differences. You should wear headphones or turn up the volume to better recognize the sound signal because that is extremely important in determining the difference between normal ore and giant chest. The higher the ore value, the louder the sound or beep.

Meaning of circle when hunting treasure in Play Together

The meaning of the circle when finding the treasure Play Together

As soon as you step into the sand, you will notice 2 differences. The first is the circle that appears just below the character. As you walk around, you’ll see it change color.

The circle color is an indicator of the location of the treasure chest, large ore, or normal. Note, it doesn’t tell you the type of ore, only helps locate nearby treasures.

To use it effectively, you need to understand the meaning of the color of the circle. For example, when digging, a blue or white circle color means that the treasure is far away from you. If you see the color of the circle turn red and darken as you move, it means you are very close to the treasure.

If the circle turns pale again, you’re on the wrong track. Let’s go back to the old position where the circle started to change color.

Above is how to find treasures in Play Together. Hope the article is useful to you.

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