Guide to climbing rank Rook/Castle in Dota Auto Chess

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To be able to climb to higher ranks easily and without taking much time in Dota Auto Chess, the following article will introduce players to the most valuable experiences used by gamers to go to Rook and Castle .

For the Dota Auto Chess players who are ready to enter rank Rook The basic understanding of the strength of the generals, the right combos and some other advanced knowledge is well understood in the palm of your hand, in order to go deeper, Dota Auto Chess players should also note the following things. .

Huong Dan has experience in climbing rank rook castle in dota auto chess

To play Dota Auto Chess, you need a Dota 2 game, if you don’t have the game, download it here:

– Download Dota 2: Dota 2

Experience climbing rank Rook or Castle in Dota Auto Chess

first. Early Game

The number one priority at this stage is to minimize the amount of health lost in each round and save money at the same time.

– The most popular combo here is still the Goblin Mech set, so choosing Clock or BH first and then Warrios or Orcs classes, 2-star AM is also a good and quite safe option when combined with Gob/Mech .
– SF is always a champion with strong damage early in the game, always pick if you see it. Along with SF, Lycan is also quite strong and strong at 2 stars, let’s get a few more champions like BM, Ax, Jugg so they can tank for units with maximum damage output.
– Don’t play the Mage set without having decent tanks and good mages. Good mage includes SF, Razor, Orge + puck/aoe mage 2 stars. Also, don’t play Hunter without a 2-star BM because at the beginning of the game the damage done is extremely weak.

Huong Dan has experience in climbing rank rook castle in dota auto chess 2

2. Mid and late game

If you don’t have a chance to win, then give up the game of keeping 50 Gold, throw all the money to level up or re-roll champions, upgrade units that are still 1 star or missing to get to 3. stars, or minimize the amount of blood lost. Sometimes there are cases where the player can come back, turn the situation around and win by some champion.

3. Line up

– Some units spawn just to throw Ulti and then die, put them on top and typically here are Tide, Disruptor or Boom. Please stay away if your team has AM and equip them with some things to maintain life, avoid premature death before launching Ulti.
– Medusa is also a pretty annoying dps champion with her petrified Ulti, if it’s 2 stars, you can also put them in front, but note that you still have to avoid champions with counter skills like Ax, AM.
– Always put your Carry generals behind the dps units, to destroy them as quickly as possible, to avoid them casting skills or countering you.
– Also should not stack generals in a corner when fighting with a squad with many AOE skills, limit playing many melee generals and should have 1 Assassin to mess up the enemy squad, the nomination here is TA and PA.

Huong Dan has experience in climbing rank rook castle in dota auto chess 3

4. Buy champions in Late game

– Focus on buying generals with AOE skills like AoE. Tides, Techies, Enigma, Lich, Gyro. Learn how to remove auxiliary champions and add in the right 4-5 Gold units, a Techies 2 can destroy your entire team if equipped with a jumping sword and some armor.
– Gold is also something to consider, the first person to level up will have the opportunity to own strong generals with the highest output rate.
– Limit Re-roll in tank Rock and above.

In addition to the experience of climbing Rook rank, we also share Bishop rank climbing experience In Dota Auto Chess, please refer to it as an experience for yourself. Kinh-nghiem-leo-rank-rook-castle-trong-dota-auto-chess-44240n.aspx
You will build a strong squad with a lot of money and live until the late game, then End-game and become the strongest with the skills and experience collected by Taimienphi above. Create a super dignity and win, have a good time playing the game.

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