Guide to climbing Bishop rank in Dota Auto Chess

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For new players who are just learning to play Dota Auto Chess, how to climb to higher ranks is essential, the following article is some special experience necessary to help you climb the Bishop rank extremely. Simple from the Dota Auto Chess gaming community.

To cope and win in Dota Auto Chess against players of the same level, you need to keep in mind some of the following methods, good fighting styles and flexibility in play to climb to higher ranks like Bishop .

Huong Dan has experience in climbing rank bishop in dota auto chess

To play Dota Auto Chess, you need a Dota 2 game, if you don’t have the game, download it here:

– Download Dota 2: Dota 2

Experience climbing rank Bishop tring Dota Auto Chess

– Each person will have 30 seconds to catch a champion, you need to focus on getting a 2 star champion at the beginning of the game, buy a lot before round 10, don’t try to accumulate money or lock yourself in a line-up first when there’s a decent 2-star cast of heroes.

1. At the beginning of the game, you should choose the simplest and strongest combo

– A relatively easy combo at the beginning the simplest and strongest currently is Goblins/Mech or Warriors with a strong dps backline like SF. The first ruond you should prioritize choosing BH if available, next is the Goblins / Mech set and finally the Warriors, Orcs system.

– Timbersaw, Clock and BH are said to be strongest in the early game, a Lycan or Lone Druid appearing in round 3 or 4 you should pick even though they don’t match the combo you’re playing, start them off helpful.

– Before round 10 always pick SF unless you already have 2 star Demon Hunter or Chaos Knight, Queen of Pain as they are one of the strongest carry early game.

Huong Dan has experience in climbing rank bishop in dota auto chess 2

2. Manage resources, the amount of Gold you have and make reasonable investments

– Don’t Re-roll champions when you’re in a bad state, don’t save gold in the first 10 rounds of the match and try to get 50 Gold as soon as possible, don’t be stubborn with a specific lineup. Money and health are equally important, don’t sell your health too much to save money, re-rolling 1 or 2 times won’t make you go bankrupt if a few more 2 star units stop you from losing health.

– There are players who are very good at saving money and at the same time losing as little health as possible, they always have 1 combo even if they don’t win but will also lose the least amount of health, courier to level 9/10 very quickly and it helps them get the strongest champions with the highest spawn rate.

– It’s okay to lose some health, each line-up will be strong at a different time so you don’t have to win all the rounds in the game. Determine that you will have to sacrifice money to maintain a winning streak or a losing streak.

Huong Dan has experience in climbing rank bishop in dota auto chess 3

3. Understand the strength of each champion and combine good combos to have many options at the beginning of the game, do not follow a rigid combo.

You need to understand which champions are strong not only alone, but also when combined with other champions. Things like 3 Goblins on the table will add 15 armor…

– Knowing that Abaddon and Drow will activate the Undead buff and subtract all 5 armor from all enemies, and that will be more beneficial than 1 2 star unit on the table

– Possessing Beast Master, Ax and Jugg 2 stars will be much stronger than 3 warriors 2 stars (+7 armor per unit)
Above are some experiences that are applied by many players, you should determine exactly what you are doing and should not maintain a combo, be flexible in how you play and how to play to create a strong combo in the game. From time to time, you can also learn more experience climbing rank Rook or Castle in Dota Auto Chess

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