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Guardians of Cloudia of the Neocraft is a role-playing game with attractive gameplay, which once stormed the Taiwanese market, now this game has officially released a global version with English support to help gamers from many countries easily. more easily accessible. Guardians of Cloudia is now available to download for free on both iOS and Android.


Guardians of Cloudia assigns players to the role of a Skywalker before letting you set foot on your adventure to explore the city of Cloudia. Gamers can freely choose from 5 different basic classes including Archer, Oracle, Mage, Rogue and Swordsman; or separate Classes like Sharpshooter, Pyromage and Destroyer. Each Class will have its own stats and skills as well as strengths and weaknesses, but this freedom to choose gender and profession has helped gamers orient their playing style from the very beginning of the game.


Possessing simple graphics, but Guardians of Cloudia is still a delicious dish with modest ingredients when depicting characters and an extremely detailed open world. To make the player’s journey more interesting, you can own yourself an extremely adorable pet. The pet system of the game provides players with a companion, each pet will belong to one of the three elements Wind, Fire and Earth.

Not only accompanying players throughout the journey, the pets you own can also be used as a strategy to increase strength in battle. For example, a Pyromage can receive a Fire pet to increase the character’s effectiveness on the battlefield. In addition to raising pets, players can also participate in a variety of PvP content such as 1v1 modes, Team vs Team, Guild vs Guild and Battle Royale mode. Cloudia city is full of interesting mysteries, do not hesitate to discover it now.

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GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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