GTA 5: TOP best missions in the game

Nhiệm vụ hay nhất trong GTA 5

GTA V good GTA 5 There are many interesting quests for players to explore. Please list with Top best missions in GTA 5 Please!

Best missions in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 is one of the best games in the world because it has a diverse and extremely attractive mission system. If you’re new to GTA 5 and don’t know where to start, the GTA V quest list below may help.

TOP best missions in GTA 5 game

Caida Libre

Best missions in GTA 5

This is one of the jobs of gang leader Martin Madrazo. In this GTA 5 mission, Trevor and Michael will have to defeat Madrazo’s cousin – Javier. This figure was flying to Los Santos to testify against Madrazo. The player will control Michael to shoot the plane with a powerful sniper gun together … and Trevor will drive the motorbike to the crashed helicopter to complete the mission.

Three’s Company

Three's Company in GTA 5

This is the first quest to combine all 3 characters from the main story. The goal is to help the FIB kidnap Ferdinand Kerimov, a prisoner of the IAA. Overall, this mission is a meaningful mission for all 3 characters. Everyone’s roles are different: Trevor drives a helicopter, Michael kidnaps Kerimov, and Franklin is a assistant with a sniper gun in hand.

The Wrap-Up

The Wrap-Up in GTA V

In this GTA 5 mission, the characters with two views will be associated with a war between three factions: FIB, IAA and Merryweather. This may be one of the most thrilling missions in Grand Theft Auto V. Players must find a way to escape the Kortz Center when a series of enemies attack. This two-perspective mission will present plenty of opportunities for both snipers and sneaky shooters to act in the midst of a chaotic crowd, including aerial combat using helicopters.

Blitz Play

Blitz Play in GTA 5

In this GTA 5 mission, the 3 main characters will rob a truck full of money for the IAA. They decided to use the bombardment method – block the truck with a car, then use another vehicle to break it down to get money. After that, they had to deal with the large army of reinforcements on the way to their escape.

Lamar Down

Lamar Down in GTA 5

Lamar Davis is one of the best characters of GTA V. Before being a friend of Trevor, Lamar Davis had been a longtime friend of Franklin from the very first appearance. In this mission, all 3 characters will attack the hideout of the Ballas gang to rescue Lamar.

The best part of the quest in this classic street robbery game is to give players the chance to plan a defeats Ballas and save Lamar instead of just shooting.

Above are some most loved missions game GTA 5. Let’s share with readers other attractive GTA V missions!

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