Grab DiRT Rally now – Super cool racing super product and just got it for free

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Being the offspring of Codemasters – master in creating these racing game world-famous so in terms of quality and attractiveness DiRT Rally “top” free of charge. Different from the style of their predecessors, DiRT Rally brings a gritty feel and true touring quality like its name. Each track is taken care of very carefully, Codemaster has completely succeeded in creating a title road racing game Authentic, challenging and engaging. The good news for fans of this genre is that DiRT Rally is being completely free on the Humble Bundle. Quickly grab this super product before 10am on September 1 and experience it.


If the previous versions of the DiRT series are still not enough to make players “sweat”, all will have to change with DiRT Rally. The biggest difference of this game is the pure simulation gameplay. Every operation is literally “simulation”, every cornering phase, every acceleration accelerator is done very realistically as if you were a real road racer and this place will have no place for you. mistake.


No more races that only take about 3 minutes to complete, the race in DiRT Rally can last up to 10 minutes, making the player’s nerves tense like a string. Not only that, extreme weather, changing environment will also make an important contribution to … increasing the possibility of making mistakes. To make a perfect race, gamers need to be very calm in all situations to keep the car in balance and be patient if they fail many times.


Indeed, if you put it on the scale compared to its predecessors, the playground that DiRT Rally brings is much more attractive and “rolled”. Diverse race track, harsh challenges, rustic graphics, DiRT Rally embodies the spirit of a road racing game – dusty, thorny, simple without any color. The game is being opened for free on the Humble Bundle from now until 10 am on September 1. Interested gamers can get the game at THIS.​

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