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In work as well as in life, you often use the Google Search Website to find the content you want. Just one click in the Search box will have countless results returned. So how to search most effectively? Let’s follow the article below of!

Along with Bling, Google is the largest and most popular search engine today, the vast majority of users worldwide use this function. Because this is a pretty good search engine, every time you search for a certain word, thousands or even millions of results will be returned immediately, making you waste time sorting these results.

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Tips for effective Google search

* Search by conventional method

1. Separate keywords with a “+” sign

This method will return you the results of the words accompanied by the sign “+”.

Example: To search for the phrase “IDM+Internet Download Manager” then the results will return not only containing the words IDM and but also displaying results containing the search keyword “Internet Download Manager”

Find out how to search on google

2. Separated by “-“

Use the sign “-“ before each keyword make sure that the results returned are results that do not contain the word.

For example: If you search for Internet Download Manager software but do not want to find more crack versions, the search keyword will be “Internet Download Manager -crack”now the returned results will only include the Internet Download Manager keyword.

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3. Separate by “~”

Search for keywords separated by “~”. This is a very suitable way for those who are looking for synonyms in English.

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4. Add the word definition in front of the keyword.

To define a word you can search by structure “define:keyword”

Example: Type the phrase “define:Software“, the returned results will tell you what the definition of “Software” is? This is also a suitable way for those who read a specialized word but do not understand what the word means.

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5. Put the replacement character “*” at the end of the keyword

Characters “*” used in words whose ending you don’t know what to write next.

Example: Search “auto*”the returned results will be words containing the word “auto” firstly

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6. Use “?” in keyword

This is a method for you to search for a word that only remembers some of the letters in the word.

Example: Search “Com????r”, Google will automatically return results that are words with matching initials and letters that can be appended with ? for you.

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* Search with advanced Google functionality

You may not know it, but during its design and development on the market, Google has pre-programmed an advanced search function, allowing you to find individual phrases or words or search in the format of text files… in many different languages.

Simply visit the address<--- copy="" line="" link="" and="" paste="" on="" address="" only="" url="" on="" submit="" browse= "">

At this function, the main functions are divided into specific sections as follows:

Find Pages that have…: Search Web pages based on keywords related to the content of that Website.

+ All these words: Exact search by entire phrase.
+ Word or phrase exactly this: Search for the exact word or keyword phrase.
+ Any of these words: Search for any word in that phrase.
+ Not form any of these: Eliminate search results that are this term.
+ Numbers in the range: Search results from… to… (arbitrary number).

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Then narrow your results by…: Automatically narrow the results using the following methods:

+ Language: Narrow by language (select the appropriate language yourself).
+ Areas: Narrow by region, country.
+ Last updated: Narrow by the last update of Web pages.
+ Website or domain name: By Web site or domain name.
+Terms appear: The terms appear in the locations you choose.
+ Safe Search: SafeSearch helps you filter out search results that are deceptive websites, contain malicious code or Web sites with pornographic content.
+ Types of files: File format.
+ Right to use: Right of use.

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After selecting the appropriate search function –> Click Advanced Search to Google search results.

Instead of just using Google to search for issues that interest you in the usual way, you can rely on the useful information above to find more effectively the results you need.

On the Google search bar, you can do everything, to graphing functions with the google search bar, very easily.

In addition to these methods, you can download additional Google search support utilities at In addition to google, there are many other websites that support you to search for accurate results Top 10 websites to replace google search to choose the most suitable website for you


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