Good tip to play the game simulating pandemic virus Plague Inc.

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How to play Plague Inc. considered to be quite difficult, but when played back extremely addictive. Game Plague Inc. is now causing fever again worldwide when the Corona virus pandemic broke out in China last January. The whole world is working together to fight back pneumonia caused by Corona virus, patients are very pessimistic but we still have to fight together against this global virus pandemic.

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Maybe in the process of playing this viral pandemic simulation game, you will come up with a good idea to prevent the Corona pandemic for humanity. Please follow the tips below to get the secret of winning the virus when joining the game after installing the game Plague Inc.

Choose your country

Focus should be on isolated or underdeveloped African countries first to initiate the epidemic. With poor resistance we will easily erase these countries quickly through the viral pathogen.

Good tip to play the game simulating pandemic virus Plague Inc.
Good tip to play the game simulating pandemic virus Plague Inc.

Check information

Update your disease information regularly.

Record the disease and share it on Youtube or Facebook

We should use screen recording software to record missions to keep track of the epidemics you have spread to countries.

Global event definition

Having on hand events taking place around the globe will help you to have the best choice such as: Olympics, sporting events, etc.

Select the difficulty level of the game Plague Inc
Select the difficulty level of the game Plague Inc

Understand the countries

It’s not a good idea to plant a weak germ in a country with a well-developed medical background.

Choice of Nano virus

Nano Virus is much more contagious than viruses in the game.

Infections are more important than deaths

Use a virus that spreads quickly and is more effective than a virus that can kill quickly but infect slowly. Because when someone dies, the possibility of the border being closed will be faster and the epidemic is easy to control.

Check country information
Check country information

Use Mushroom Plague

The fungus Plague will help the virus quickly spread, bringing the virus from one victim to another.

Upgrade genes that carry pathogens

Priority should be given to upgrading the strength of the pathogen to increase the spread and to kill the most sick people.

Choosing the virus to spread
Choosing the virus to spread

Disease chart monitoring

Regularly monitor the status chart of the patient and infected people to control the pathogen to track all these people.

How to get DNA score

  • Infection as many normal people as possible.
  • Kills more subjects.
  • Spreading the virus to new countries.
  • Decrease the property to get back points (do it manually).
How to play Plague inc

How to unlock secret content

  • To unlock the plague, you must defeat the game in the order required. Basically, you just need to finish the game using the previous plague in normal or higher mode.
  • To unlock genes from the library, just beat the game by all means.
  • All rare diseases (Neurax, Necroa, Simian, Shadow) will be unlocked when you defeat the game at the most difficult level with each basic disease.
  • Finally, the cheat codes will be unlocked by conquering the game at a super-difficult level with each disease.

The above is a little tip to play the game Plague Inc. Hopefully the above tips will help gamers quickly become the world’s greatest destroyer.

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