Free Fire: The best skydiving spots on the military island map

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Where is the best place to skydive when playing Free Fire? It is not easy but not difficult questions if you take the time to read our following tutorial

“Parachuting” is the first step of the majority of survival shooters such as Garena Free Fire, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Apex Legends … Choosing a good landing point, there are many items, few enemies, that is dream of any gamer playing this series of survival games.

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The most ideal skydiving spot when playing Free Fire

Not only get the advantage when “loot” items, but the chance of finding “genuine” items is much higher. Therefore, if you are playing Garena Free Fire (GFF) and want to know where is the ideal skydiving point, please refer to the article below.

Map of Military Island in Free Fire
Map of Military Island in Free Fire

1. Cape Town and Kota Tua

The Cape Town area is located quite far from the center, so in this GFF shooting action game, this is one of the most peaceful. If you choose this point as a landing place, you can “loot” comfortably without worrying about having “neighbors” prowling. Cape Town is also an ideal place for those who love AR, because you can easily find them in large buildings.

In contrast, the Kota Tua area is quite poor and does not have many works. However, because it is quite close to Cape Town, you can go there without any transportation.

However, it should be noted, since these 2 areas are far from the center, which means they can also be far from the circle, so as soon as you land for a few seconds, immediately check the “bo” and taste Current location for reasonable timing, distance, and direction of movement. If you are lucky enough to find a car, you can rest assured, if not, this will be a dangerous “double-edged sword”.

The most ideal skydiving spots in Free Fire
The most ideal skydiving spots in Free Fire

2. Mill

Mill can be considered the most special dance location in the GFF, because this area is located on the highest peak of the island. The buildings and constructions here are few but of a much larger size than the other normal spots.

In particular, a lot of lucky players have found sniper rifles and even 8x scope at Mill. However, even though it is high above, this area is also quite close to the Power Plant – the “hottest” area of ​​the map, so sometimes there will be many players choosing this area or running from nearby areas ” loot “map.

Loot items in Garena Free Fire
Loot items in Garena Free Fire

3. Nameless Island

“Nameless Island” is located southwest of the main island. Although there are only a few buildings that are not too big, this is a “loot” paradise for any gamer.

In addition to the direct landing here, you can choose to approach Hangar first and then move to this Nameless Island. Here, you can earn a few AR rifles, some common scopes, backpacks and armor in the island’s buildings. This area can be said to be the safest of the whole map, because there are not many good things, not in the bo, so if you choose to jump down to Nameless Island, remember the time, the direction to not be a gamer ” spend my youth to run bo “.

One of the skydiving spots of the GFF game
One of the skydiving spots of the GFF game

The hottest “hot” skydive spot in Free Fire

Surely everyone knows that the better the skydive point, the more items it attracts, the more gamers attract, from there the “hot” heat of that area also increases a lot compared to other locations. If you love adventure and want each battle to be fiery gun battles, face to face, you can try some of the following suggestions:

1. Power Plant

The reason for this area is always the “battlefield” of the map, because its position is between the map and the flight path. Plus there are so many good things (SMGs and ARs) and diverse buildings, so if you play Free Fire without knowing the Power Plant, it is a big mistake.

Another reason, for the Power Plant to always be in the spotlight, is that a large ((often)) match will end with the final round of this area, so no matter where you jump down, it will end up. must go back. Therefore, the majority of gamers choose to jump down here, pick up items and entice themselves from the beginning, attack, and destroy stray prey for convenience.

Shipyard harbor in Free Fire
Shipyard harbor in Free Fire

2. Outpost

It can be considered as a paradise for “shotgun” battles, because Outpost not only has a lot of these weapons, but also weapons “terrorist” and other types of armor. At the same time, Outpost’s terrain is also quite high compared to the general ground, so on the last few sections, be careful when setting foot or passing through this area.

3. Shipyard

Like the Port (Georgopcl) in PUBG Mobile, the Shipyard is a large harbor in the north of the main island. With many containers, tower cranes and ships surrounding, this is an ideal place for snipers or teams with good tactics. It can be considered as the place where the silent battles and the most unexpected deaths take place.

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