“God” blatantly carrying a backpack “stealed” a series of mice, headphones, and keyboards in the net room

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The recent unfortunate incident happened at a net shop in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City. The subject is a very young male, about 18, 20 years old. After a period of intense gaming, gamers quickly put a series of mice, headphones, and keyboards in their backpacks. I don’t know if it’s because I lost the game, so I want to take it back a bit or not?

Watching the clip, it can be seen that the guy is quite calm and mature with his behavior. Even after completing the collection at one machine, the young man continued to change places to the next machine to get the items he needed. All actions take place in a flash, proving that the subject is not an amateur “2-finger” practitioner. As a net owner shared watching the clip shared on the comment: “There is a new camera to watch over and over again, if you take it in front of you, you still don’t know.”

The image is cut from the clip

Indeed, the objects of thieves practicing in net shops are more rampant and professional tricks than ever. Although being very careful, keeping the sun clear, the people passing by are busy, but just a few minutes of loopholes, the property is always in danger of flying without wings. Computer accessories are becoming more and more expensive, so internet shops become more and more targets in the sights of thieves. For many gamers, when they are eager to play games but do not have the conditions to own expensive items, it is also possible to risk “borrowing” items from net shops to bring back to play. . Therefore, households net business be very careful. Especially for customers who carry backpacks, bags… because it is most likely a tool for theft purposes. It is advisable to design a separate storage area for players, or not cover the security well to avoid such unfortunate cases from happening.

The object recorded in the clip above is still being issued a search warrant on many social networking forums. Hopefully with the help of the online community, the owner will soon find the culprit to claim compensation for the lost property.​

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