Genshin Impact: Interesting hidden details about the character you may not have known

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Characters in Genshin Impact have special origins and past. Here are these Interesting hidden details about the character of Genshin Impact that you may have missed.

The interesting details about the character in Genshin Impact

Tartaglia is a monster

Childe in Genhsin Impact

Tartaglia, also known as Childe by fans, is a very strange person among the Fatui Harbinger. Tartaglia was trained in another world as a child and paid little attention to the dark politics the organization was aiming for. He’s also famous for being extremely extrovert.

Tartaglia didn’t get along with the other Harbinger’s and was sent to Liyue so he wouldn’t cause any trouble near home.

Jean and Barbara are sisters

Jean and Barbara are sisters

Jean and Barbara are sisters separated after their parents divorced. This prevented them from growing up together and now has a troubled adult relationship. Both sisters want to spend more time together but are hindered by many things such as work or Jean’s anxiety about getting to know Barbara.

The two are likely to have conflicts in their stories because after all, they’ll have to spend more time together.

Kaeya used to be a spy

Kaeya in Genshin Impact has a dark past

Kaeya has a dark past. It all started when Kaeya was taken by her father to spy on Mondstat’s alcohol industry as a child. Kaeya was recruited by Father Dilucs and the two grew up together as relatives. After Father Dilucs passed away, Kaeya finally made it clear to Diluc of her true intentions.

When Kaeya decided to make Mondstadt his hometown, instead of his old home, his dark past remained hidden from everyone except for Dilucs.

Qiqi is over 100 years old

Qiqi is over 100 years old

Qiqi looks childish, but in fact she is a corpse who has lived for a long time. Qiqi was a victim of a war and was reborn by an Adepti. However, after returning to the world, Qiqi had lost a bit of control, forcing Adepti to confine her in amber for 100 years to prevent the danger from happening.

Qiqi is not even sure of her real age because she has difficulty remembering how everyday life played out.

Klee’s mother is Alice

Klee's mother is Alice

Klee’s mother is not a stranger, but rather Alice – who was once a rival to Master Mona, a great Adventurer and companion to Zhongli. Even as a child, Klee was a member of the Knights and was extremely good at making weapons.

Klee may be one of the top explorers in the world of Genshin Impact as an adult because Alice is an influential figure.

Above are some of the hidden details about these characters from Genshin Impact. If you know any other secrets, please share with your favorite readers game Genshin Impact with offline!

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