Genshin Impact – in-game elemental reactions and effects

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One of the interesting features in Gensin Impact It’s the same countries with characters that are developed based on 7 types of elements main. But even after a while of the game’s release, there are still many players wondering how to combine the characters in the group as well as deploy the attack to create the most advantage. So let’s go today Funny game Go through the properties and the matching landmarks of 7 Elemental in the game!

What is the effect of the 7 elements in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, we have a total 7 Main Element include: Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Lava and Carpentry. Besides that, physical damage It is also a source of damage similar to elements but is independent of any other element’s influence.

Except beautiful (element Carpentry) not in the current characters, 7 Elemental types both can interact and create their own elemental reactions that increase damage or resist effects, damage that you will have to learn to easily overcome high-level versions or challenges.

Overview of the elements in Genshin Impact
Overview of the elements in Genshin Impact

In which the single effect of the seven elements is:

  • Lightning: Constantly drains the Reload energy of the enemy.
  • Water: CD duration (cooldown) increased.
  • Fire: Continuously deals damage over time.
  • Ice: Increased stamina consumption.
  • Wind / Lava: There are currently no effects.
  • Carpentry: Only appear in monsters, not yet applied to characters

What are the elemental reactions in Genshin Impact?

The properties of the elements in Genshin Impact when combined
The properties of the elements in Genshin Impact when combined

The Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact, with 7 Element In the game we will have a total 8 main types of Elemental Reactions, is divided into 3 groups include:

Strengthen damage (can critically strike):

  • Evaporation (Water + Fire): x2 damage if activated by damage Country, x1.5 if activated with damage Fire
  • Melting (Fire + Ice): x2 damage if activated by damage Fire, x1.5 if activated with damage Ice

Since it only activates its damage increase, when using the above reactions, you should use the ability you have % high damage to greatly increase the damage instead of using low damage skills. Do both critically and increased damage% from elemental expertise, so the build around the two reactions above is quite diverse.

Create damage effect (increases with world level): (No crit)

  • Overload (Fire + Electricity (Lightning)): The infected target explodes, dealing fire damage in the surroundings (High Damage)
  • Superconducting (Ice + Electric): Deals ice damage around and reduces enemy’s physical resistance by 40% for 8 seconds (Average Damage)
  • Inductance (Electricity + Water): Deals electrical damage over time, capable of spreading through wet targets (splashed with water) around (High damage)
  • Freezing (Water + Ice): Causes the target to be unable to attack / move for a short time and can activate the Ice Break effect, by using strong attacks (Charged or the Great Sword) on the frozen target, dealing massive damage and cancel the freeze.
  • Diffusion (Wind + Water / Fire / Ice / Electricity): Scatters the target’s currently infected element and deals a small amount of damage around it, which can trigger other reactions if the diffused targets are influenced by different elements.

Since the Effects branch is not critical, when building around the above effects, you should focus on them Elemental expertise primarily. Compare damage between Overload and Super Conductive is clear Overload Currently has significantly higher damage from Elemental Reactions.

Creates elemental armor

  • Crystallization (Lava + Water / Fire / Ice / Electricity): Creates crystallization of an infected enemy element, when picked up will receive the armor against damage from the corresponding element.

Elemental Mastery Index:

The stat increases the power of elemental reactions (absolutely does not increase the character’s elemental / magic damage). Test in the range of 10 to 200 Elemental Mastery, 1 point of Elemental Mastery increases by:

  • 0.2 ~ 0.15% damage bonus increased from Evaporation, Melting
  • 0.47 ~ 0.4% damage effect of Overload, Superconducting, Inductance, Ice Break, Diffusion
  • 0.31 ~ 0.25% of armor is created from Crystallize

The higher the Master’s Proficiency, the higher the percentage gain per master point will decrease.

Resonance element in formation

  • The lineup has 2 attribute characters fire: Freeze time is reduced by 40%. Increases attack by 25% for the entire team
  • The lineup has 2 attribute characters Lava: Reduced chance of being stunned. Grants 15% attack when receiving a shield buff.
  • The lineup has 2 attribute characters Water: Scorched time reduced by 40%. 30% increased healing
  • The lineup has 2 attribute characters wind: Increases movement speed by 10%, cooldown reduction by 5%, and physical cost reduction by 15%.
  • The lineup has 2 attribute characters drag: Time to get wet is reduced by 40%. Superconducting, overloading and electrically charged reactions have a 100% chance of creating Elemental particles drag (cooldown 5 seconds).
  • The lineup has 2 attribute characters ice: Time to be charged is reduced by 40%. Increases the critical damage rate by 15% for enemies frozen or affected with ice.
  • Formation does not have any matching attributes: Increases 15% resistance to all elemental types.

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