Garena Free Fire: How to quickly climb ranks in Clash Squad Season 4 after updating Free Fire OB25

Mẹo leo hạng nhanh trong Free Fire

Free Fire OB25 has been officially released. Let find ways to rank up faster in Clash Squad Season 4 with the tips below.

Quick climbing tips in Free Fire

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Find teammates

There is nothing worse than joining a team that lacks coordination. You might be a talented gamer, but that doesn’t mean anything if you can’t get along well with other players in doubles and squads. Therefore, you should rank up with your friends, not with random players. Play with someone you know to increase your synergies and your chances of climbing.

Fight side by side with teammates in Free Fire

Bring a shotgun

In Clash Squad mode, players often have to participate in close-range battles. That’s why you need to equip yourself with a shotgun. It is the best lethal weapon in these skirmishes. It will cause the enemy to fall.

Carry a shotgun from Free Fire

Work side by side with teammates

Another quicker climbing tip in the Clash Squad mode of Free Fire is team up with teammates. Always moving with friends, protecting each other. If a person was left behind, they would become a target easily chosen by the enemy. Losing too soon a member of the team only brings you regrettable disadvantage.

Act in teams to climb fast ranks in Free Fire


Players must be cautious in each action to achieve the best results in Clash Squad. Every round and deployment activity affects internal rankings Free Fire. Also, do not change the settings and HUD in the game while playing.

Act cautiously to quickly rank up in Free Fire


When participating in ranked matches, you should prioritize survival instead of stealing flags. After all, the longest survivor in the game is the winner. So, don’t join unnecessary battles. Be careful every step and trying to survive to the last round will give you more points.

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Above is how to quickly climb rankings in Clash Quad mode of Free Fire OB25 season 4. If you know any other tips, please share with readers offline!

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