Synthesize the best Minecraft PE seed

Seed Minecraft PE extremely diverse and rich. The article will synthesize you these seed Minecraft PE beautiful for a more enjoyable game experience.

With a large open world and allowing players to freely create, Minecraft, despite its long launch, has not lost its charm. Why so? Not only because of the attractive gameplay, Minecraft also allows players to use the seed to increase the experience.

How to use seed in Minecraft PE

Using seeds is relatively simple, just make sure to set them up before creating the world. The seed determines how the new world comes into being and makes it easier to reproduce near valuable objects and areas. To use seed in Minecraft PE, please visit Create New World Game Settings:

Install new worlds in Minecraft

Copy one of the seed codes listed below and paste it in the Seed field. Then you can set up the rest of the world settings, finally tap Create.

The seeds in Minecraft

Ghost Village w / Gorge & Snow Tent (1.15+)

Seed haunted village in Minecraft

Seed: 2056807939

If you’re looking for a spooky starting point for the next world then this seed will build a ghost village around the vast canyon. You can also find igloos nearby, providing you with initial shelter while out looking for food. If you want to go to a less creepy village, you will find a location not too far from here.

Location coordinates:

  • Ghost Village & Gorge: Spawn.
  • Snow tents: X: 1325, Y: 64, Z: 98
  • Big village: X: 122, Y: 63, Z: 573

Large villa (1.14+)

Seed large mansion in Minecraft

Seed: 2033394339

If you want to start the game in a luxurious place then try this seed bedrock. It houses one of the largest mansions ever seen in Minecraft. It has many floors for you to explore and indeed the path surrounding this mansion is a bit strange. You will find some items in the crate and many other interesting items.

Location coordinates:

  • Villa: X: 526, Y: 91, Z: 81
  • Canyon: X: 346, Y: 31, Z: -186
  • Monster Spawner: X: 819, Y: 55, Z: -365
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Mountain village W / Spawner monster (1.14+)

Seed village in the mountains in Minecraft

Seed: -1231267014

This is a pretty mountain with a farm inside the cave and where the monster’s creature is right next to it. In the mobile version, you will find waterfalls falling into some unlucky houses. A zombie village is not far from here, so this seed is a pretty interesting choice.

Location coordinates:

  • Mountain village: X: -250, Y: 72, Z: -209
  • Monster Spawner: X: -266, Y: 71, Z: -242
  • Zombie village: X: 180, Y: 83, Z: -310
  • Big village: X: -310, Y: 67, Z: -1136
  • Other big villages: X: -295, Y: 64, Z: 644

Beautiful mountain village (1.14+)

Seed village on snowy mountains

Seed: -1400738501

If you are looking for a beautiful mountain village to start the next Minecraft world, try this seed right away. It is one of a number of unique village designs with many tall buildings on a mountain. Not only that, this seed also provides a neighboring village with a fortress located deep below. If you like diverse biomes, start the game near a large swamp as you explore the area next to the village of Stronghold. Here you will find the Ice Spikes biome.

Location coordinates:

  • Mountain village: X: 943, Y: 78, Z: -1104
  • Taiga Village: X: 165, Y: 66, Z: 585
  • Village w / Fortress below: X: 990, Y: 68, Z: -825
  • Stronghold: X: 948, Y: 24, Z: -825
  • Biome: X: 1448, Y: 92, Z: -908

Lots of items near Spawn place (1.14+)

Seed spawns many items near the spwan

Seed: 1961838222

This seed contains many different items that appear around the spawn area that you can explore. If you want to start a monster grinder, there’s a spawner right next to where the spawn is. Just go through the forest, you will see several open areas leading to the cave. Let’s go inside. There is an additional spawner nearby, so you won’t get hurt by finding a location to where the monster is. In addition, the seed also offers a variety of gorges containing diamonds, pyramids and more.

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Location coordinates

  • The entrance to the monster spawner cave: X: 414, Y: 60, Z: -25
    • Spawner monsters: X: 390, Y: 44, Z: -16
  • The entrance to the second monster cave: X: 615, Y: 64, Z: 25
    • Spawner second monster: X: 615, Y: 39, Z: 14
  • Desert village: X: 535, Y: 66, Z: 522
  • Desert Pyramids: X: 251, Y: 67, Z: 878
  • Gorge w / Diamond container: X: 653, Y: 14, Z: -20
  • Bandit outpost: X: 668, Y: 68, Z: 205
  • Pyramids: X: 379, Y: 71, Z: -354
  • Small canyon w / Near diamonds: X: 297, Y: 11, Z: -441
  • Larger canyon w / Diamond outcrop (Multiple locations): X: 426, Y: 12, Z: -371
  • Savannah Village: X: 185, Y: 69, Z: 962

Diamond seed in the great canyon (1.14+)

Seed Minecraft PE provides diamond mines
Seed: -974562123

If you want enough diamonds to craft a few important items, this is Minecraft seed code for you. A large ravine near the spawn area of ​​2 diamond mines will help you finish the rest well. However, be careful because these locations are below the ravine and you definitely do not want to fall into the cliff, right? In addition, this seed also adds a village with many other great features waiting for you to explore.

Location coordinates

  • The diamond is under the ravine number 1: 271 13 12
  • The diamond is below the ravine number 2: 308 13 -16
  • Village: 36 ~ -265
  • Village in the vast desert: 973 ~ -657

Seed gathers many biomes (1.14+)

seed beautiful minecraft pe
Seed: 266794693

If you want a bunch of different biomes in one place then you might want to try seeding this Minecraft PE. You will have ice islands, jungles, deserts and swamps side by side. There is a village in the desert near the swamp and a temple in the forest for you to explore. You can also go deep into the desert if you want to find more villages with blacksmiths.

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Location coordinates

  • Village in the desert: X: 31, Z: 84
  • The second village has blacksmiths: X: -322, Z: -362
  • Temple in the forest: X: 360, Z: -218

Seed many biomes: coral, village in the desert, temples (1.14+)

Seed Minecraft

This beautiful Minecraft PE seed includes quite a few large ocean biomes. But right near the island you appear, is an archipelago containing 3 island ruins located above this land. Each ruins here are hidden treasure chests. Therefore, you can soon loot items quickly to build the first base.

In addition, you will also see a few other islands scattered around. In an area not too far from the spawn area, you can also find a few villages, even Ravine in Mineshaft.

Location coordinates

  • The island contains 3 ancient ruins: 380 64 173
  • Ruins of underwater oceans: 610 33 815
  • Ravine: -475 39 582
  • Village: -759 72 980
  • Ravien w / Mineshaft: -883 32 987
  • Desert village: -1113 66 1078

Biome Split (Bedrock 1.16)

Biome Split

Seed: 1880640401

Biome Split is one Minecraft seed code great. This spawn point will definitely make you satisfied. You appear near the intersection of two rivers. Separate place for 4 different biomes. In this attractive Minecraft seed, you not only have access to great resources, but also a stunning landscape. The screenshot above is the point you will appear. You can see Taiga forest, plains, mountains, swamps covered by clouds … This is the perfect place to camp and build your own “magic cube” empire.

Location coordinates:

  • Citadel: -659 620
  • Village # 1: 565 -350
  • Village # 2: -345 145
  • Spawner Zombie: 14 39 38
  • Spwawner Spider: 46 36 142

Some other nice seed codes

  • Seed 3 ruined islands (1.14+): -1673096729
  • Seed to village (1.14+): -407474912
  • Large island seed (1.14+): 3254239

Above is the list seed game Minecraft most beautiful and impressive. Hope the article is useful to you.

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