Gamers use the game to remember the F1 driver who died

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As promised, the game F1 2019 of the Codemasters will soon add an update that provides a full list of racer Formula 2 in 2019, as well as the schedule of events. However, now is a bad time for the launch of this update.

The reason is because of the F2 driver Anthony Hubertus died during the race at the Belgian Grand Prix last Saturday. Hubert, member of the team BWT Ardencollided with Juan Manuel Correa and Giuliano Alesi in the Raidillon exit, one of the fastest areas on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

Both riders were taken to Circuit’s medical center, where Hubert died of his injuries.


The news has sparked controversy about Formula 1 racing today, with Ferrari’s Charles LeClerc winning, and similarly the most discussed topic in the F1 gaming community. F1 players have posted on the subreddit tributes to the “deceased” driver through laps in the BWT Arden F2 at Monaco and Le Castellet, where Hubert won while a rookie.

Other players suggested changing the colors of the cars to resemble Hubert’s pink BWT Arden. So everyone can witness a fleet of pink cars at the multiplayer event in Spa-Francorchamps. This is sure to be a very poignant memorial.


The FIA ​​canceled today’s F2 sprint (second race in which the top eight drivers were placed in reverse starting position) to show respect to Hubert and his family. Codemasters is facing a delicate issue when it just brought Hubert into the game in the F2 update.

The question is whether replacing Hubert in the game with the new driver of the Arden team (although Arden has not yet announced information about the new member) is too lacking in “humanity”?. Or is it too insensitive for Hubert to continue racing in a game after his death? If any act of remembrance is taken, how will others know?


On Thursday, Codemasters pre-rolled the F2 2019 update but did not say specifically when the update would be added to the game. This is the first year that Formula 2, the car just below F1, has appeared in a video game, but so far, F2 has still used teams, drivers and even tires from 2018.

Three F2 drivers from 2018 start in this year’s F1: McLaren’s Lando Norris; Alexander Albon, recently joined Aston Martin Red Bull; and 2018 tournament champion, George Russell, joined Williams. All three racers appear in the game series. Additionally, the 2019 F1 career mode is also kicking off in F2, where a player-created racer will compete against two other F2 rivals for the 2019 season’s lead title.


F1 2019 launches June 28 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.​

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