Design book covers online using Designbold

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with Designbold you can design anything you want and even designing book covers online with Designbold is very simple, even if you are not a designer with high editing tools level like Photoshop.

If you are not a professional designer, you do not have much experience in Photoshop. But for some objective reason, you cannot hire a designer yourself. Through this article, Taimienphi will guide you to create a beautiful book cover without too much effort and still have a personal style. We will create the book cover on Designbold

How to create a book cover using Design Bold

Step 1: First you need to have a Designbold account, to register Designbold as well as access Designbold you click on Designbold right here.

Then click on Start Designing!

designbold online book design

Design book covers online using Designbold

Step 2: Scroll down to find the item Blogging and eBooks. And choose eBooks

designbold online book design

Instructions for designing book covers online using Designbold

Step 3: You choose the layout you want in the left menu, in the right pane of the interface will help you change the text, font, font size, style, etc.

designbold online book design

How to design book covers online using Designbold

Step 4: You can customize the backgound image section by uploading your own photo to be the background image for the book cover.

designbold online book design

Create book covers online using Designbold

You select the Upload icon in the Quick Launch bar, then select Upload your Images. Then click on the uploaded image, the image will display on the background of the book. You can choose to blur photos in the Transparency

Step 5: You press Save to save your progress, and press Download photo about. And you’ve got a professional book cover in your style.

designbold online book design

Make book covers online using Designbold

Recently, Taimienphi has guided you to create a beautiful cover for your book. You will not need to develop Photoshop skills or design skills and still have a satisfactory product. Using Designbold proficiently will make you handle your work needs very quickly. Not only can you create a book cover with Designbold, but you can also use Designbold to create a desktop wallpaper, the way to create a computer image with Designbold is also quite simple and similar to how to create a cover.
Today, there are many online tools to help draw and edit photos professionally, in addition to Designbold that features designing banners and apphichs, AutoDraw helps you create shapes quickly, refer to how to use AutoDraw to manipulate images. This translation feature is more accurate.

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