Game concepts sound very strange but are actually very familiar

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We already know a lot about the well-known game genres: Action, Platformer, Shooter, Fighting, Beat-em up, Stealth, Survival, Metroidvania, casual, Adventure, Visual Notel, RPG, MMORPG, Sandbox RPG , turn-based action, Simulation, RTS, MOBA, Tower Defense, Puzzle, Sport game, Racing, Card game…

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Gamers are too familiar with these typical genres

Gamers are too familiar with these typical genres

But that’s still not all. There are still some game genres out there that are strange, suspicious, unfamiliar, but actually met somewhere before. Today, we invite you to discuss these 3 types of games that are both strange and familiar, few people know: Lovecraft, Trivia and Collect-a-Thon.

1/ Game Lovecraft

Game Lovecraft

Lovecraft takes its name from the creator of this subculture: American novelist Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890 – 1937). He is one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, pioneering the field of horror stories, associated with works about fictional universes such as the series Call of Cthulhu, Dagon, The Outsider, The Dunwich Horror, The Color Out of Space, The Lurking Fear, At The Mountains of Madness, The Shadow Out of Time, The Shadow Over Innsmouth…

Lovecraft takes its name from the person who created the horror culture

Lovecraft is said to suffer from excessive anxiety, living a life of isolation, without love, without will, but his works are the opposite. They are intense, scary, and full of energy. There have been many later horror fiction writers strongly influenced by Lovecraft’s world-building style, typically Stephen King.

Lovecraft is said to suffer from excessive anxiety, live a secluded life

The Lovecraft game genre, also known as Lovecraft horror, is described as a nightmare coming to life. They are distorted, deformed, writhing fearfully from the subconscious. It’s almost impossible to describe specifically what a boss monster looks like in these games. And only players can really feel their extreme horror, especially when placed in the context of a space that is somewhat surreal, fiction and deep around.

Game genre Lovecraft, aka Lovecraft horror

Horror themes in Lovecraft games are very diverse. It could be about a sticky and formless alien species, it could be about a terrifying evil invention by some morbid scientist or about a secret cult. Lots of openness. However, the games that really deserve to be called Lovecraft are actually not many (in fact, the phrase Lovecraft has recently started to be used a bit to PR exaggerate the game).

Lovecraft is also starting to get a little bit of an overuse for the game

Typical Lovecraft Game

The first and closest to the original Lovecraft style novel is Call of Cthulhu . game series released in the 90s but then refreshed in 2018. Based on the great work of Lovecraft, the game is full of creatures beyond human understanding and endurance. Only brave hearts, cool heads and extraordinary patience can help players withstand the overwhelming fear of this game.

Typical Lovecraft Game

Or names like Bloodborne (soul-like) with its horribly mutated creatures and hauntingly gloomy atmosphere. Then Stygian reign of the old ones, Sunless sea and Sunless skies, or the famous The Sinking city.

Trailer The Sinking City

Three adjectives to talk about the Lovecraft game genre:
Out of control of the mind

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2/ Game Trivia

Trivia comes from the Latin word “Meeting of the Three Roads”, and refers to the common but interesting points in life.

Trivia games are defined as games in the form of interesting quiz games. This game genre is very suitable to play with family or friends. It not only helps connect people with people, deepens relationships, but also provides hours of interesting entertainment with useful general knowledge, sometimes even very interesting because it is first known.

Game Trivia

In these games, players will be given a set of pre-defined questions and begin the process of listening and answering questions. The questions in a Trivia game can be about all sorts of things, but they’re all fun and exciting.

They are not slick, do not hack the brain and do not require you to prepare mentally and psychologically. Simply enjoy the images, colors and music the game brings, listen to everyday questions and calmly answer them as you think.

Game trivia based on everyday questions like you often see in quiz gameshows]

Game trivia based on everyday questions like you often see in quiz gameshows

The greatest effect of Trivia games is to bring satisfaction, mind health and positive energy, in a short, simple and concise way.

Typical Trivia Game

Typical representatives for the Trivia video game series are:

  • Trivial Pursuit Live (Release by Ubisoft in 2015 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4)
  • Quiz Magic Academy Evolve World (Arcade game from Konami released in 2017)
  • You Don’t Know Jack – Jackbox Party Pack 1 (Developed and published by Jackbox Games Inc. in 2014 on Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC…)
  • Series Trivia Murder Party from Jackbox Games Inc.

Trailer Trivial Pursuit Live

Three adjectives to talk about the Trivia game genre:
Have fun
Bring your mind back to the normals of life

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3/ Game Collect-a-Thon

Collect-a-thon (short for Collectathon) is a game genre in which the player is required to COLLECT A LARGE amount of ITEM in order to progress in abilities, skills, or go to new levels. .

It is true that most games allow or force you to collect this and that, but collecting too much, enough quantity to be able to do this and that is truly a collect-a-thon game.

Game Collect-a-Thon

Many people think that forcing players to put effort into collecting something (which they may not be interested in) is unfair. But if you consider this as a motivation to help the character progress conditionally, it is actually just one of the normal criteria. As in real life, if you want to go to class, you must have at least a grade point average of 3 or 5 or higher for all subjects.

Collect-a-thon game appeared many, strong in the development period of 3D games

Collect-a-thon games appeared much, strongly in the development of 3D games associated with systems such as Nintendo 64 and PlayStation. The discomfort of having to stay within Collect-a-thon’s immutable principles is often alleviated by combining with fluid graphics, emotional storylines, flexible non-linear designs, or going along with it. a genre that is loved by many people such as: Platformer, Adventure RPG…

Collect-a-thon combines with other game genres to ease the feeling of pressure for players

Collect-a-thon combines with other game genres to ease the feeling of pressure for players

Many people often confuse Collect-a-Thon with Metroidvania. Both encourage exploration and controlled progression BUT Metroidvania does not divide individual stages but entire complex worlds are interconnected in some way.

Many people often confuse Collect-a-Thon with Metroidvania

Typical Collect-a-Thon Game

The first game that pioneered the collect-a-thon genre was Super Mario 64 (on the 1996 N64). In Super Mario 64, your progress is equivalent to collecting some important items, like Power Stars. This is both the main collectible and the reward for completing the different objectives in each stage. For example, when you have enough stars, you will open more doors in Peach’s Castle and then access more levels to continue to collect more stars.

Typical Collect-a-Thon Game

Banjo-Kazooie is the next famous name of this game series. Banjo-Kazooie (1998) and Banjo-Tooie (2000) are the two most popular. The player must collect enough Jiggies and must also have on hand the transformation unlocking token and musical notes to unlock new skills and doors to the underworld. At each level must collect 100 notes, 100 jiggies and a variety of items as required.

Trailer Banjo-Kazooie

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Many other prominent representatives such as: Donkey Kong 64, Yooka-Laylee, Yoshi’s Story, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom, A Hat In Time, Snake Pass, Super Mario Odyssey

Three phrases to talk about Collect-a-Thon game:
General Formula: Collect X enough Y to get Z
Push the limits far
Stress and entertainment at the same time

Maybe you are interested

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