Free Fire: TOP characters should combine with Thiva

Thiva Free Fire 7 - Emergenceingame

Thiva will be given away by Free Fire for free on August 28, 2021. The article will suggest you the best character to combine with Thiva’s Vital Vibes in Garena Free Fire.

Thiva in Garena Free Fire

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Thiva is a new character introduced in the Free Fire OB29 patch. This character is designed based on the famous DJ Like Mike. You can get Thiva for free for the next few days.

Thiva stands out for her Vital Vibes skill. It reduces help time by 20%. After a successful rescue, the user recovers 40HP in 5 seconds. Thiva will be even stronger if combined with the Free Fire characters below.

Best Free Fire Characters to Match with Thiva

  • Alok in Free Fire

    Because Vital Vibes is a passive support skill, it is only effective in Squad Mode. Therefore, you should choose an active aura skill to go with it. Alok’s Drop The Beat is a good suggestion thanks to its ability to restore HP and increase the movement speed of all surrounding allies.

    You can help your teammates while maintaining a high HP level with Alok’s skill.

  • Xayne in Free Fire

    Thiva’s passive skills can be combined with a lot of active skills in Free Fire, but the best support is possible from Xayne. Her Xtreme Encounter instantly restores 80HP and deals damage to glue walls and shields. This is extremely important in close combat.

    HP recovered by Thiva can make up for HP lost after the Xtreme Encounter expires. It only increases HP temporarily. User will lose 80HP after that.

  • Chrono in Free Fire

    When combining Chrono’s skill with Thiva’s, you can regenerate a defeated ally. You just need to try to save Chrono’s skill to use for the right time because its cooldown is quite long.

  • Here are some character matching with Thiva in Free Fire. If you know more options, please share with readers!

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