Free Fire tips and tricks to conquer every map

So far shooters Garena Free Fire has launched a total of 3 maps, each with different terrains, contexts and tactical combat styles … Here Taimienphi has some tips and tricks to play Free Fire to conquer every map for you read the reference.

Free Fire has three maps with different vegetation, terrain, constructions and sceneries included Military Island, Paradise Island and Desert Island. To conquer these three maps and get Booyah in each match, you need to know these maps well.

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Master all maps in Garena Free Fire

Besides, you need to have different combat tactics for each map in Free Fire. Check out this great guide as well as some tips and tricks for all Free Fire maps with Taimienphi here.

Conquer the map of Military Island Free Fire

Military Island is the oldest map in Free Fire released on the first day of the game, with lots of compounds, buildings, alpine mountains, rivers and valleys. Choosing the right landing point is an important factor in getting Booyah. If you like safe gameplay, you should choose to land in low-risk places, far from the center of this map. Or, if not, professional players can choose places with medium risk and high risk to have good loot, kill points.

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Some low-risk places for beginners are Sea City and Rim Nam Village. Meanwhile, Residential District and Coconut Island are two medium-risk locations that give you plenty of loot. If you want to avoid early fighting and play safely, don’t land at Lang Thong and Valley. There are many pro players who choose to land there for early fights. Some of the best loot locations on Military Island are Military Warehouse, Sea City, Grand Harbor, Residential Area, and Power Plant.

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Conquer the map of Paradise Island Free Fire

Paradise Island is also an old map in this game that will be unlocked after the player reaches level 5. There are two smaller islands and one large island linked by bridges. The Workshop, Town and Center are the three favorite landing spots on this map for those who want to challenge in a high-risk area.

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If you want to start carefully and play safely, you should head to the Golf Course and the Fork. A number of locations are rich with lots of loot for players in the Free Fire Paradise Island map, such as the Quarry, Mansion, Fire Station, and Ski Resort.

Conquer the map Desert Island Free Fire

Desert Island is the newest map in Free Fire, this is a desert with little green land and lots of rocky mountains. So, in Desert Island, there are many ideal sniper locations. The Command Camp and the Oil Refinery are two high-risk locations that beginners should avoid. Instead, you should land in the Maze and Temple to play safely. To steal supplies, weapons and ammunition, you should land in the Gulf, Rock Plateau and Submarine Workshop.

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Above are all tips and tricks to conquer every map in the Free Fire tactical shooter, survive and become the last player to receive Booyah! If you see it or don’t forget to Like & Share for everyone to know.

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