Free Fire: Hayato’s profile, skills and gameplay – Insane

Hayato is a character favored by many gamers Free Fire with this guy’s extreme intrinsic. Let’s find out information about Hayato through the following article.

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Free Fire: Hayato’s profile, skills and gameplay – Insane

Hayato’s Biography

First of all we will look at the most basic information about Hayato.

  • Full name: Shimada Hayato
  • Sex: male
  • Year old: 20
  • Birthday: March 21

Shimada Hayato was born into a traditional Samurai family. As the only son in the family, Hayato carries the burden of the family while also carrying a curse passed down from generation to generation. It gives the Samurai the power of demons to become stronger each time they are injured, however they will not be able to control themselves and go insane.

Interesting facts for players: Kelly’s character is actually a member of Hayato’s Shimada clan (possibly cousin) because Hayato had a picture taken with her as a child. However Kelly was kidnapped by Paloma and taken to the military island. This caused Hayato to come to this place to find her and get caught up in an endless war.

Hayato and Kelly
Hayato and Kelly

Hayato’s skills and gameplay

As its name implies, the killer Hayato possesses an extremely powerful but also extremely dangerous passive.

  • When max HP is reduced by 10%, armor penetration increases by 7.5%, and when leveling up to level 8, armor penetration increases by 10%.

This can be called one of the strongest passive in Free Fire, increasing the ability to kill enemies by many times when low on health. Every time Hayato loses 10% of his health, his armor penetration increases, and it will make any enemy wary. However, having low health in a fight is also quite dangerous, especially when facing enemies with high evasion skills.

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Therefore, when his health is low, Hayato will need to find a safe location to hide and snipe or wait for “prey” rather than rushing towards the enemy. At the same time, it is necessary to combine with a blood vessel to keep your HP level at a safe level, avoiding “flying arrows, stray bullets” that die.

I wish you success with Hayato!

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