Tips to earn more gold in the game Zombie Tsunami

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When participating in the game Zombie Tsunami you will have the task Control an army of zombies running on an elevated highway through the city. when the Where you move immediately, all the people in the city turn into zombies, the more people you can eat, the stronger your Zombie army!

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Zombie Tsunami players are always caught up in non-stop quests, creating even more attraction for this Zombie tsunami game. But like so many games of genre Endless Running Other, you need to collect a lot of gold along the way to buy items to increase power and retrofit yourself with new skills. So how to earn a lot of gold in the game Zombie Tsunami? This is also the concern of many gamers today will help you quickly find the answer to this question.

The secret to earning gold in the effective Zombie Tsunami:

1. Pick up all the gold on the way

You move very skillfully, try to jump high so as not to miss any gold coins on the way. If you get the full amount of gold in one position, you will be awarded. When picked up 2 bonus support is:

  • Tsunami: Tsunami.
  • Giant: Giant.

These 2 bonuses will automatically sucks all the gold coins encountered along the way, you no longer have to worry about how to move to collect the maximum amount of gold encountered along the way. Pick up all the gold along the way, you will accumulate quite a lot of gold for yourself, so try to take advantage of thoroughly collecting the gold you see!

Tips to earn more gold in the game Zombie Tsunami

2. Complete the series of missions in the game

Mission system in the game Zombie Tsunami is extremely rich, each time you complete a mission you will be rewarded with a certain amount of gold, depending on each mission, the amount of gold received will be different, the more later, the more gold you receive. If you pass all the missions in the game, you will earn a huge amount of gold, so be patient and take the time to complete the task. In addition, every time you complete 3 missions you will have a chance to swallow a magic potion. Currently in the game there are 16 following missions:

  • Cheap Plonk Potion earned 200 gold.
  • Toxic Tap Wate is earned 300 gold.
  • Elderberry Gut Tonic Water earned 500 gold.
  • Stomach Acid Cider is earned 600 gold.
  • Fruit Punch with loose Teeth earned 700 gold.
  • Eyeball Soda is earned 800 gold.
  • Fine Cognac Twice Regrgitated is earned 900 gold.
  • Scruttock Drop Dead Dirigible is earned 1000 gold.
  • Brain Nerve Liqueur earned 1200 gold.
  • Single Malt Bile earned 1400 gold.
  • Cham Pain earned 1500 gold.
  • Pure Pureed Puritan with Extra Pulp earned 1800 gold.
  • Hell vian water is earned 2000 gold.
  • Lao Tzu Elixir of Life earned 2200 gold.
  • Frankenstein’s Lightening in a Bootle earned 2500 gold.
  • Herbert West’s Finest Reanimation Serum is earned 4050 gold.

Tips to earn more gold in the game Zombie Tsunami

3. Make the most of the gold-earning supplement

Do not forget the types of plugins to help you earn gold, It will increase the player’s ability to earn gold as quickly as possible:

  • Gold: Will turn everything into gold to quickly increase the amount you have. From cars, tanks to planes all turned into gold.
  • Coin Car: Permanently increase the rate of converting cars into gold, the higher the increase, the higher the rate.
  • Coin Bomb: Having this auxiliary type, when encountering a bomb immediately, the bomb will not be able to explode, but then the bomb will be turned into gold.

Tips to earn more gold in the game Zombie Tsunami

4. Play a level for as long as possible

When playing a level as long you will have the opportunity to earn more gold and more brains, because when you collect 100 brains you will own a lottery ticket to have a chance to win gold and items. in the game. But how to hold out as long as possible, not all players can do it. It requires the player to be quick, quick and have an army of zombies as much as possible.

Because, the faster the Zombie’s movement speed becomes, if you are not skillful, they will fall into the cliff to end the game.


  • Eat people along the way to get as many Zombie army as possible.
  • When there is enough force, I can hit any vehicle with people in it: a group has 4, then crashes a car, 8 crashes a tank, 16 can hit the plane.

Tips to earn more gold in the game Zombie Tsunami

5. Save the lottery

When you win a lottery ticket, you should not sell the lottery right away because it can only sell for the price 200 gold coinsMeanwhile, if you save it, you will have a chance to earn 1500 gold coins and has other valuable items that normally have diamonds and can buy such as: Mũ, Coin Car, Coin Bomb. Especially, Double Coin will cause the collected gold to double in the next level. It’s so attractive, isn’t it, so it’s not foolish to sell lottery tickets!

Tips to earn more gold in the game Zombie Tsunami

So you have accumulated more experience for yourself to earn a lot of gold coins, buy lots of support items as well as upgrade your Zombie army more and more powerful. If you are new to this game, you can refer to the article how to play the game Zombie Tsunami for beginners for easier game play.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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