Free Fire: Guide to play training mode

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Free Fire is one of the toughest survival games today because players will have to fight 49 other opponents with the goal of becoming the only survivor, any small mistake will easily cost gamers. expensive. Therefore, improving and honing combat skills is an essential need of all players.

And this is the reason training mode born, if you do not know how to join this regime in Free FirePlease refer to the instructions below of the Funny Game.

Come to practice mode (Training Mode), you will “spoiled” to improve your fighting skills to become the last player to survive without affecting the current stats. Training mode is divided into 3 areas with 3 different goals

Training area

  • Combat Zone (Battle area): You practice fighting with other players in so-called matches Free For All (Free for all)
  • Social Zone (Social area): This area is a place for you to improve your vehicle control skills when there are almost all types of vehicles appearing in Free Fire
  • Target Range (Target range): Sharpen your “marksmanship” here with all types of guns in Free Fire.

How to join Free Fire training mode

Step 1: Please start the game Free Fire on your device up. At the main interface, please click on the option to choose word game mode Classic (Normal battle) outside the screen.

Press Classic

Step 2: In this game mode selection, scroll down to find the item Training (Coaching) in the lower right corner of the screen to participate Training mode

Training Section

So, you guys already know how to play practice mode in Free Fire For the purpose of improving combat skills on the field.

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