Guide to play the Mage – Water squad in the Truth Arena

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In the new version of Truth Arena, the Mage lineup has been reworked and many changes have been made. From set effects, to items and teaming up with other compositions. Current mages can be combined with many formations, but the most powerful and useful is probably the Mage-Water formation. Let learn about this “hegemony” tactic.

Magician - Water

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Instructions to play the Mage – Water formation in the DLP

Why Magician – Water?

Although there is no Mage-class 5-gold champion, in return the Mage-type’s effect is extremely strong (immediately cast the skill one more time). In addition, there are some generals that when owning the Mage Hat item (the owner is also a mage) becomes very annoying like Malphite, Lux, Annie … Try to imagine the Unstoppable hits, Million how terrible would it be when the Tibbers or the Ultimate Rainbow was used twice in a row? However, if you do not own the Magic Hat item to attach to the foreign champions, it will be quite difficult to fight, and this is probably the weak point of the Mage formation. Because, apart from Brand, Veigar, Vladimir, the rest of the mage champions have relatively normal damage and ambiguous effects.

The 6 Mage lineup is not too difficult to complete because most mage champions are easy to roll, the most difficult is that Brand is only 4 gold generals. Another factor that also helps the Mage squad gain status is the amount of mana recovered from the Water clan and the matches with the Water elemental Umbrella. Therefore, the Water clan is an extremely perfect choice when traveling with Mages. Not only that, the Water Tribe also provides two more tanker generals options for the Mage lineup that has quite weak health, Thresh and Nautilus.

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Instructions on how to play.

1. Early levels

Without much debate, Vladimir is the main Tanker general of the Wizarding – Water style. With the price of 1 star and the ability to generate a lot, in the early stages of the game, try to get 2 star Vladimir quickly, or if it is too black then 1 star is fine, but it will be quite weak without the support item support. Choose Thresh or Nautilus to get an extra water tank tank, pick Syndra and any mage champion to achieve the target: 3 Mages – 3 Water.

Vladimir - The mage of the water system
Vladimir – The mage of the water system

Note: Should not Roll at this stage, if not out as expected, then pick a temporary any champion to defend. Because if you lose, the amount of health lost is quite small and you can also pick champions first in the next pot.

Heroes needed: Vladimir – Thresh (Nautilus) – Syndra

2. Mid-game stage from level 5:

Try to earn Veigar (3 gold) and try to gain 2 stars. Veigar is a champion with the ability to one-shot any champion below his level, so take advantage of this for a great mid game. Try to accumulate money at 40 or 50 gold, to have a stable amount of gold plus each level and plenty of money to upgrade and buy generals. Keep buying and upgrading stars for champions, especially Veigar. In the general selection round, priority is given to the Golden Shovel and Tear of the Goddess to pair the Sorcerer Hat. At level 6, don’t try to gather all 6 mages if they don’t reach 2 stars. Because of the formation you will be very weak and will not have tank tanks. Please be patient, we will finish it at level 7 or 8. At this stage, if you are lucky, you will roll out Brand and some generals with strong AOE skills like Malphite, Annie, Taric, … Please buy them and consider to attach the Magic Hat item in the most sensible way.

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Malphite - A very powerful champion with a Magic Hat
Malphite – A very powerful champion with a Magic Hat

3. The final stage of the game from level 7 onwards

Now your squad has reached its strongest threshold. You can save money and reach level 8 right after you get the 2-star Brand. Or if your blood is in excess and you have a 2-star Brand early, you can level 8 more slowly to upgrade the lineup to 2 and 3 stars. The top priority will be the 3-star Veigar to be able to one-shot one-kill the enemy two-star champions. Since at least 4 Water is activated in the formation, mana is no longer a problem, the mage generals will only need magic power-boosting equipment to maximize damage. Attach Mana items to Veigar and Brand so that these two champions can continuously cast the skill. The resist items you attach to the tankers. Remember to use the Mage Hat item in the most sensible way.

Let's try turning Zed into a Magician, it will be very interesting
Let’s try turning Zed into a Magician, it will be very interesting

Note: The Mage Hat item is a very powerful item, so you can attach it to any 5-star champion with large AOE like Nami, Taric, Lux, Malphite or even Zed. hegemony”. Prioritize the generals you have up to 2 stars, players will see the “terrible” that these generals bring.


Mage – Water formation will be stronger and more dangerous if the element water box appears on the first table. This is also a very suitable and easy to play squad to climb the ranks in the CCP because the Mage and Water generals have also been strengthened by Riot in the new version.

Wish you have great experiences with the Mage – Water squad and look forward to the next articles on

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