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Fortnite: The easiest way to deal with and defeat Thanos

When participating in the new Infinity Gauntlet mode released in Fortnite, many gamers will also want to try being a Thanos with superior strength and extremely powerful defense. Not to mention that the extremely powerful skill set that you can use to vaporize the enemy in the blink of an eye, if lucky, you can pick up the Infinity Gauntlet when you first play and “bully” people. play around yourself.

If not, you can destroy this Mad Titan to “meat” Thanos’ gauntlet for you, although there is overwhelming power and defense, but not so that Thanos is not destroyed, most is after Thanos has been strengthened by Nerf, if you want to kill him easily, please take a look at the tips of below.

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I. Learn to deal with Thanos’ skills


First, you must know what skills Thanos has and how the pros and cons to know how to deal with the most, there are 3 main skills:

  • Laser shot: 12 damage per hit, the advantage of continuous attack causes the enemy to lose blood quickly, the downside is that he has to stand still when active.
  • Close-range punches: Can up to 80 damage per punch, has high damage advantages and can quickly break any structure, the downside is that it can only attack at close range.
  • Stomping: Having the greatest damage, the way to perform is that Thanos stands still for a while on the ground, then jumps to the sky and selects the falling point to stomp the ground, dealing damage on a large scale and not taking damage. when falling on high. The downside is that it takes time to implement and is not very maneuverable.

One fatal downside of Thanos is that he cannot use his healer and his armor can only recover when he kills other players, so if you are skillful, you can bleed Thanos slowly to death. For details, you can refer to some of the experiences below and apply it to the situation, it will definitely cope with his skills and even destroy him.

1. Laser shot skills


Currently you will have 2 types of laser shot to deal with, one is standing on the ground to shoot lasers. This way, if Thanos uses the ground, you just have to dodge it as if you are dodging bullets, even while building buildings, building walls and stairs of all kinds.

If Thanos shoots a laser at those structures, he will not only fail to destroy all the walls that are being built very quickly, but will also be shot by gamers. So then he will be forced to cease fire to switch to attack the player.


The second is to shoot a laser high above, this way is similar to the one above, you should continuously build ceilings and stairs to avoid the laser beam, but be careful because Thanos can use stomping skills to plunge straight down. where you are hiding.

2. Vegetarian punching skills


If you meet Thanos nearby and see him giving punches, don’t be there “try to punch and eat sticky rice” ok, broke his mouth like playing, even the house now, Thanos is just punching them all, so if this is the case, then the dragon is the best bet.

And remember that you can run without obstacles, if there is a Disco bomb, take advantage in this case, Thanos will become a “stoned” object if it gets hit by a Disco bomb, he will jump continuously in Within a short period of time, take advantage of that time to destroy Thanos.

3. Crushing skills


If you are directly hit by this attack, your chances of survival are only very small, but take advantage of the disadvantage of time to attack Thanos. And if you dodge this attack, the only way you can build walls and roofs is wide so that he will be confused about where you are and jump down. If you know how to move quickly, you can also jump out of the damage area when Thanos is aiming because actually this damage area is not very wide.

More importantly, before Thanos jumps to high altitude, he needs time to “transport energy” on the ground to accumulate a lot of damage on people, take advantage of this precious time to destroy him, if found far away. then bleed with the gun with the greatest damage, mid-range, then feeding the grenade is enough to make Thanos miserable.

II. Deals damage in the most effective way

1. Coordinate with other enemies to destroy Thanos


Certainly Thanos will be the focus of attack of all when appearing in any fight, if there is to continue fighting between two separate enemies, then complete the note to see who dies and then all focus on. Only Thanos, attacking together, Thanos will very quickly lose blood.

If you combine to defend like building a house to focus on one place, don’t be foolish, Thanos will punch your house and pay it all. If you’ve finished destroying Thanos, try to get his Infinity Gauntlet and destroy the rest of the players.

2. Take advantage of when Thanos’ attack to deal damage


Thanos has a rather large body so it will be easy to shoot mid-shot, in addition, if Thanos runs very slowly, it is even easier to shoot. Shooting a laser, he must also stand still, when the internal movement must also stand still, fly to the sky to shoot the laser, he must also stand still.

Only when he was flying in the air could not do anything, so taking advantage of the times when Thanos stood still to beat him a match was enough to pull a lot of his blood. Just a few high jumps or standing still, Thanos will make an instant.

3. Attack from above


Ordinary players will not be able to fly, so they will take advantage of high positions such as self-built houses, hills to shoot down, or use long stairs to shoot a better view and also be safer. The advantage of being high above is that you can observe all of his actions, rest assured because if Thanos shoots a laser, it will be very difficult to hit, jumping down and stomping the ground will be even more difficult.

4. Not Solo and move continuously


The advantage of Thanos is that he will restore armor for each person, so it is best to use the way of fighting while running and shooting, but this way requires mobility skills to combine accurate attacks. before he could scoop up his gloves.

In addition, the continuous running and jumping will make it difficult for Thanos to keep up with you. Take advantage of the high jump panels to avoid his remote kick and jump out of range of the laser when possible.

5. Choose the right weapon to fight


Surely everyone knows, how to choose weapons when playing with the current Thanos, the most suitable guns are Assault Rifle and Sniper, and also LMG. Close and long range damage both do the job, and with SMG and Shotgun it doesn’t seem very viable.

The above are tips and experiences when playing with Thanos in Fortnite, with the above ways, you can use them in appropriate situations to avoid being “eaten” by Thanos and try to get the Infinity Gauntlet for me

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