Fix error 109 can’t access Facebook on iPhone

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When you log in to facebook on your iPhone, you will see an Error code 109 error that makes it impossible to log in to facebook. The following article will guide you to find out the cause and how to fix this 109 error.

The main cause of error 109 This is because you use your computer to login to facebook then change the password. When logging in on iPhone, this error will appear. So here we will guide you how to fix it, fix error Error code 109 this to the next post.
repair type 109 on iphone

Error 109 when logging into Facebook on iPhone, causes and ways to fix it

Download Facebook for iPhone

Step 1: From the home screen you choose Settings
fix error 109 when logging into facebook on iphone
Step 2: Click select General
fix error 109 on iphone
Step 3: Choose Reset
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Step 4: Click select Reset All Settings
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For jailbroken iPhones, you can’t do it this way. You can then remove the Facebook app and reinstall the new one instead.

Above we have guided you how to fix, fix Error Code 109 error when logging in facebook on iPhone. Hope this tip will help you in the process of using. In case, you get error 3194 when connecting your iphone to your computer through iTunes software, you can also refer to how to fix error 3194 to restore your iphone smartphone.
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