Genshin Impact surpasses Glorious King to become the highest grossing mobile game

Genshin Impact surpasses Glorious King to become the highest grossing mobile game

Version 3.2 of Genshin Impact has contributed a great deal in bringing the game to the top of revenue in the Chinese mobile game market.

In the list of the highest grossing mobile games on iOS October then Genshin Impact continued to have a spectacular “surpass” against his opponent, King of Glory from the Tencent family. Are known King of Glory is one of the products that continuously top in terms of revenue for many years and until Genshin Impact was released, its dominance was interrupted.

Genshin Impact surpasses King of Glory

Boom in revenue of Genshin Impact Also at the same time as the 2 most recent updates to this game. This is something not every game product can do, when maintaining the popularity of a game after updated versions is not easy.

Popularity of Genshin Impact It doesn’t just stop at the community China but it is also loved by large groups of gamers abroad. Most of the reviews from gamers are positive since version 3.0 of Genshin Impact appeared, even the game League: Wild Rift could not compete with products from home. Hoyoverse.

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In addition, the reason why version 3.2 of the Genshin Impact receiving love is also confirmed by many gamers. The first is the new character of the game, which is Thao Than Nahida when this is one of the most anticipated names right after Hoyoverse announced the version. In addition, the plot missions are also elaborated more carefully, more invested to create something new for players.

Genshin Impact surpasses King of Glory

According to many reviews in community groups Genshin Impact then version 3.2 received a lot of positive feedback, as well as players are much more excited to experience the new storyline. The changes in Hoyoverse’s approach to players also partly help them touch the emotions of players better than before.

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Thanks to those things Genshin Impact can dominate China’s mobile game market until now. In addition, the creator of Genshin Impact also promises that they will strengthen the content of the game through each version, thereby making this product always interesting in the eyes of fans.

Not only that, the game’s new features are also launched to provide a more diverse and flexible experience, when the game’s characters will completely have their own “acting ground”.

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