Fix Adobe Flash Player plugin failed to plug in on Chrome

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Error Adobe Flash Player Plugin Failed to plug in occurs quite often on some versions running Google Chrome, this is a basic error that many people encounter during use. So what is the cause of this error and how to fix it?

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Adobe Flash Player used to be very famous and it is a Plugin that supports web browsers including FireFox, Chrome or Opera. But so far with the development of technology and the rise of HTML5 gradually replace this tool. However, Adobe Flash Player still supports some content, operating on browsers, especially FireFox and Google Chrome.

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Talking more about the Plugin failed to plug in error that Adobe Flash Player often encounters, this is an error that makes Chrome unable to load videos on some websites and of course some music players. This is not the first time this has happened in other browsers. Not long ago, many readers asked about the error of not being able to watch videos on CocCoc. has a tutorial on how to fix Adobe Flash Player not being able to watch videos on Coc Coc. And in this article we will help you fix errors thoroughly on Chrome.

Instructions to fix Adobe Flash Player plugin failed to plug in error on Chrome

Before trying this trick and fixing the above error, try downloading the latest version of Adobe Flash Player: Download Adobe Flash Player

Step 1: If you’re running Chrome, turn it off completely.

Step 2: Press the key combination Windows + CHEAP then enter %appdata% and press Enter.

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Step 3: You Click on the address bar of the new window that opens, change Roaming Fort Local.

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Step 4: Next, you access in the following order Local > Google > Chrome > User Data > PepperFlash and delete all files in it.

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Step 5: Then close the window, reopen Google Chrome and try again.

So with the above tips you will completely fix the error Adobe Flash Player does not work Chrome browser. In case you find it unsafe, there are too many errors happening then it seems not as secure as you want, you can disable it, refer to how safely disable Adobe Flash Player that guided.
Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers, it is almost one of the browsers that any computer user installs, besides, the developer is always updating with new features. In order to better satisfy users, that’s why we also recommend that you update your Chrome version or download Chrome to the latest version on your computer to be able to experience its new features.

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