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Operation Broken Fang in CSGO may look similar to Shattered Web at first glance, but you’ll soon realize that this update has a lot of extra options, especially when it comes to loot.

The Broken Fang Store is designed to let players know what they want. The store features new Agents, three new skin collections, an Operation Broken Fang crate, two sticker collections, a grafitti collection, and the cool Skill Group Patch Collection. This update has a few major differences with the Shattered Web. The biggest change is the loot table system.

How does the loot system in Operation Broken Fang work?

In this version of Operation Broken Fang, Stars are now currency, giving you a chance to get anything in your collection, graffiti, stickers, skins or Agents.

For comparison, Shattered Web buyers receive stars by completing weekly quests or purchasing them from the CSGO store. Players can use Stars for their Shattered Web pass to level up and receive rewards corresponding to each tier. For example, when the player reaches level 42, you will receive the CSGO Graffiti set. At level 43, the player receives a sticker capsule. When the operation pass reaches level 100, everything will start all over again.

CSGO Shattered Web Operation Pass - Emergenceingame

Those are all gone in Operation Broken Fang. Instead of plowing a battle pass to get a specific item, players use Stars as currency. Each Broken Fang reward costs a certain amount of Stars to purchase and stars can be earned by completing weekly quests.

Broken Fang reward price:

  • Broken Fang Sticker Collection: 1 Star
  • Recoil Sticker Collection: 1 Star
  • CS:GO Graffiti #3 Collection: 1 Star
  • Operation Broken Fang Case: 2 Stars
  • Metal Skill Group Patch Collection: 2 Stars
  • Random item from the Control Collection: 4 Stars
  • Random item from the Havoc Collection: 4 Stars
  • Random item from the Ancient Collection: 4 Stars
  • Random Distinguished Agent skin: 5 Stars
  • Random Exceptional Agent skin: 7 Stars
  • Random Superior Agent skin: 10 Stars
  • Master Agent: Commander Mae skin: 25 Stars
  • Master Agents: Sir Bloody Darryl skin: 25 Stars

Instead of needing to reach a certain level to receive the Operation Broken Fang chest, players can spend 2 Stars to buy it right away. Instead of buying levels to get a certain battle pass level to get crates, you can buy 30 Stars and buy 15 chests right away.

In addition, this operation pass also adds a random element. Players can spend 4 Stars to receive a random item from the “Control Collection”, similar to opening a chest. Control Collection contains the most sought-after new item in the game today. It’s AWP | Fade, it’s supposed to be the game’s new Dragon Lore.

AWP Fade CSGGO Broken Fang operation pass - Emergenceingame

Users can use Stars to redeem any reward they want, be it a new CSGO agent pack, skin collection or other new items. This is a much improved system over the old Shattered Web, allowing you to target the items you want and ignore the ones you don’t feel.

How much do the Agents in Broken Fang cost?

Below are the specific pricing details for each item, spray, skin and agent in CSGO’s Operation Broken Fang.

Master Agent Commander Mae – 25 Stars

Agent Commander Mae CSGO Broken Fang - Emergenceingame

Master Agents Sir Bloody Darryl – 25 Randomly Dropped Stars

  • Sir Bloody Miami Darryl
  • Sir Bloody Silent Darryl
  • Sir Bloody Skullhead Darryl
  • Sir Bloody Darryl Royale
  • Sir Bloody Loudmouth Darryl

Master Agents Sir Bloody Darryl CSGO Broken Fang - Emergenceingame

Superior Agents – 10 Stars randomly drop

Superior Agents CSGO - Emergenceingame

Exceptional Agents – 7 Stars drop randomly

Exceptional Agents CSGO - Emergenceingame

Distinguished Agents – 5 Random Stars

Distinguished Agents CSGO - Emergenceingame

How much does Broken Fang’s new collection cost?

The Broken Fang Chest costs 2 Stars, plus $2.49 to buy a key to open the chest from Valve. Players should remember you cannot buy keys with stars. We have to use money from Steam Wallet. Control, Havoc and Ancient collection cost 4 Stars to spin randomly.

Glock CSGO Broken Fang - Emergenceingame

How much does Sticker Recoil and Broken Fang cost?

Finally, CSGO Spray Collection #3 and Recoil Sticker Collection include the recoil pattern (spray direction) of all CSGO weapons for 1 star for a random spin. Broken Fang Sticker Collection, which contains several hidden designs, also costs one Star per spin. Metal Skill Group Patch Collection with extremely rare Silver patch, costs 2 stars per spin.

Recoil Metal Skill Group Patch Broken Fang Sticker - Emergenceingame

Overall, Broken Fang is very diverse, with something for everyone. The store this time is greatly improved by Valve, allowing users to target the collection they want. It makes it easier for players to spend money to buy stars to find what they want.

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