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The online store in the game My Talking Angela is very diverse and rich, where you can buy food, costumes, decorations and add-ons such as gold and diamonds when playing the game. Let’s explore the store with Download.vn and make purchases to help Angela have the cutest look.

First you need to download or update My Talking Angela to access all the latest content in the game. Click on the links below to download My Talking Angela about your phone.

>>> Download My Talking Angela for iOS

>>> Download My Talking Angela for Windows Phone

>>> Download My Talking Angela for Android

Connect to the Internet to access all in-game content.

To enter the Online store, click on the shopping cart icon as shown in the figure.

My Talking Angela for Android

Here you can access the items to buy

(1) Stickers

(2) Diamonds

(3) Coins

(4) Costumes, accessories

(5) Furniture

(6) Food

Pnline shop in My Talking Angela

Sticker Store

You can buy more Sticker stickers. Here you can choose to buy Sticker packs with real money.

Diamond Store

You can also buy more diamonds here.

Coin shop

The coin shop allows you to exchange diamonds for coins, of course you need to have enough diamonds required.

Accessories and accessories store

You can buy clothes, hair, glasses, eye makeup, lips by clicking the corresponding icons on the game screen.

Note, some items require buying with coins, diamonds or unlocking with Stickers (you need to collect enough required Stickers to unlock them). In addition, you also need to buy items that help increase experience as I mentioned in previous articles if you want your cat to grow up quickly. You can refer here Tips to level up quickly in the game My Talking Angela.

My Talking Angela My talking Angela

Furniture store

Here you can buy furniture by clicking on the corresponding icons as shown below. Some items may take time to upgrade without requiring coins or diamonds.

My Talking Angela

Grocery store

Here you can buy food as well as magical water for Angela cat. Some shops will be unlocked as you level up.

My Talking Angela

Above are some instructions to help you get acquainted with the Online store in the game My Talking Angela. Hopefully the article can help you quickly choose the right items and decorations for Angela the cat.

Have fun playing the game!

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