Everything you need to know about the maps in Among Us

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The map is always the factor that creates the charm of a game and Among Us Is no exception. This article will summarize everything you need to know about a map in Among Us.

Everything you need to know about the maps in Among Us

Among Us how many maps are there?

Among Us currently has all 3 maps. The first original map was The Skeld, released with the game in 2018. Mira HQ was released on August 8, 2019 and the latest map is Polus. All 3 Among Us maps These were all released before the game became famous.

Among Us’s layout and features of each map

The Skeld

Skeld's map in Among Us

Original map of Among Us, The Skeld is still the most popular. Its size is half that of Mira HQ and Polus. The Skeld includes the most basic quests on all maps of Among Us. This is also the easiest map to identify impostors because they cannot perform the mission. You can refer to How to complete each task on the map of Among Us’s Skeld on Download.vn.

Mira HQ

Mira HQ is the second and smallest map in the game. It’s also the only map that doesn’t have a security camera but in return has a door log mechanism, letting you know who has been there.

In addition, the Mira HQ is the only map without any Vent – Closed vents. All Vent are linked together. This means an Imposter impersonator can jump into Vent anywhere. In particular, the Mira HQ has the fewest quests, making it an attractive choice for the Imposter.


This new map is completely different from the “two seniors” that came before. Among Us, Polus is the only current outdoor map. One of the unique mechanisms of action on Polus is the Vitals tool, which allows players to check the status of all members on the map. Thanks to that, you will know who died before they are found. This feature is useful for both crew of astronauts and imposters (especially when working in groups).

Above everything you need to know about these maps of the game Among Us. Download.vn will update you with information about the latest map Among Us as soon as it is released.

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