Enemies that made Wolverine half-life

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Werewolves Wolverine is always the symbol representing the wild power of the beast, the rage ready to blow away all enemy forces. Indeed, countless enemy corpses had to lie under this mutant’s Adamantium claws regardless of the above comic, movies or games. However, not so that Wolverine became undefeated because many times he had to prostrate himself at the hands of his most powerful enemies. So Emergenceingame.Com would like to point out 10 enemies that have made our Werewolves live so far.


Basically, Bloodscream’s life is not much different from Wolverine when it comes to the ability to live through time and become a near-immortal person. Originally a doctor who accompanied Captain Francis Drake in the war with the Spanish Empire in the 16th century, this man named Zachariah Ravenscraft was mortally wounded in a battle that forced him to rely on a sorcerer to save his life. . However, the only way to save Ravenscraft’s life is to trap his soul between life and death, inadvertently turning the doctor into a ghost seller. Horrified by what he has become, Ravenscraft asks the sorcerer to turn him back into the man he once was. However, to do so, he must taste the blood of another unscrupulous. When asked how can such an immortal be found in this world, the shaman replied.. “War”.


And so Ravenscraft began to participate in any war he could..whether it was World War I or II.During the Allied battle on the Normandy coast, Ravenscraft met Wolverine for the first time. first and was soon defeated. Five years later, he meets Wolverine again and realizes the werewolf hasn’t aged a bit since the first bloodbath. It is from here that the man named Bloodscream begins his journey to follow Wolverine, all so that he can take his blood and turn himself into a normal person.. and die.

Silver Samurai

On the screen, the image of Silver Samurai is no longer strange to Wolverine fans.. However, in the comics, this character has a completely different personality. The son of godfather Shingen Harada, Keniuchio Harada was born a mutant with special powers. Trained in the path of an ancient Samurai, Keniuchio Harada possesses the extremely skilled Katana technique and the ability to focus strength on objects to slash through everything… except Adamantium. Throughout his journey, Silver Samurai has always played the role of henchmen for evil organizations in the world Marvel with Hydra being a prime example.


However, the feud with Wolverine began when he became the lover of Mariko Yashida – the heir to the power of the Shingen family. As an illegitimate son, Keniuchio Harada still believes he is the true successor, giving him a reason to challenge Mariko’s position. The X-Men and Wolverine fought against these forces on Mariko’s behalf, causing the Silver Samurai to hold a grudge against Wolverine even as he was banished to Hell. In fact, in Hell, Silver Samurai encountered Wolverine again.. The werewolf never let go.


Wolverine’s son bears the same dark fate as his own father.. The story begins with Wolverine’s wife Itsu as she bears his flesh. However, as she prepares to leave the village after an accident, Wolverine discovers that Itsu has been murdered and her son has been removed from her stomach. Painfully Wolverine left believing that the child was no longer in this world.. But few people know that the baby was taken by a mysterious person.. who abandoned him before a barren Japanese family. Named Akihiro, the boy grew up to be despised by everyone for being of mixed blood. They teased him under the name Daken. Everyone hates and curses at him except his adoptive father Akihira. But fate cleverly ironic when Natsumi – Akihira’s wife, one night admitted to her husband that she did not love Akihiro despite her best efforts. The most important thing, however, was that she was pregnant.


Unknowingly hearing this, Akihiro begins to develop a malicious plot, thanks to the cold soul formed through years of scorn. When Natsumi gave birth to a son, Akihiro, now familiar with the name Daken, suddenly killed the boy. He then informed Natsumi and accidentally killed his adoptive mother as well. The father, Akihira, when he saw that scene, was shocked and because he could not kill his adopted son, he accepted to take his own life.


Soon after that, Romulus – a person who existed from the time when humanity was new on Earth and had manipulated Wolverine’s family for generations, suddenly appeared in front of Daken and accepted him as his disciple. . In the hands of Romulus, Daken trained and became a true cold-blooded killer with many times more brutality than his father.. When posing as an agent who broke into SHIELD’s facility under Romulus’ command, Daken touched face his biological father for the first time. It was during that first time that Daken defeated his father in a brutal way… leaving Wolverine in a pool of blood as he walked away. (Continued).​

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