Duos Mode Returns to Apex Legends for Valentine’s Day

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Respawn Entertainment showed its love for Valentine’s Day when the studio recently announced that Duos mode would be returning to Apex Legends during the Valentine’s Day Rendezvous limited-time event.

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Apex Legends: Duos Mode Returns for Valentine’s Season

Respawn announced that Apex Legends’ Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event will be delayed by one day and officially start today, which is February 12 instead of February 11. The event is still scheduled to end on February 18. This event marks the return of Duos mode in Apex Legends this Valentine’s Day, since last November.

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Duos mode is definitely the main attraction at the moment in Apex Lengends, but the Rendezvous event also offers some other notable things like a badge, XP boost for gaming with friends, and 2 gun charms. new. Last year’s Valentine’s Day items, the Through the Heart Longbow skin and the Love Path the Game Pathfinder frame, are also available again at an attractive discount. This event takes place as Apex Legends kicks off its fourth season, which introduces a new character, Revenant. This is a ninja with a talent for improving both you and your allies’ survivability.

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Apex Legends Season 4 also introduces a brand new Battle Pass and new weapon, the Sentinel sniper rifle. In addition, Respawn has radically overhauled the popular World’s Edge map, with a giant drill that splits the terrain in half. There are also some more detailed changes in the patch notes, such as the addition of specialized sniper ammunition for the game’s long-range rifles, such as the Longbow and the Charge Rifle. In the next post Taimienphi.vn will guide you How to download and install Apex Legends on PC Let’s refer to know how to install.

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