Dung CT was first revealed, TTG Shop “lost” on the opening day

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After many days of “listening” to make fans stand still, finally yesterday, Sunday (July 22, 2018), TTG shop was officially opened and put into operation. Not beyond the expectations of many people, a lot of gamers are fans of Dung CT were present very early to celebrate Idol’s happy day, all of them were extremely excited for the “once in a thousand years” opportunity to see the real face of this mysterious man. It must be said that yesterday was really a “falling” opening day of TTG shop when Dung CT was “lost” in the constant encirclement of fans.


Even many gamers in the Central, Southern or other remote provinces did not hesitate to travel far away to attend the opening day because they did not want to miss this 1-0-2 opportunity. .

Some pictures of Emergenceingame.Com synthesized by gamers shared on “FanClub Dung CT Live Game”. According to the group’s law, the image of Dung CT is not public, so the fan pictures taken with this male streamer have been covered.

According to an (unverified) source from a member of this business project shared in “FanClub Dung CT Direct Game”, it is known that the investment capital for TTG Shop is up to about 30 billion VND.


Located at 27 Vo Van Dung, Hanoi, in addition to providing accessories for gamers, TTG shop is also a place where fans and game enthusiasts come to exchange and share together. Possessing such an extremely large number of fans, as evidenced by the recent “failure” opening day, TTG Shop promises to be an extremely attractive business location in the future.​

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