“Dragon racing” with new super graphics on Mobile

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If you are a hardcore fan of the series of shooting games (rail shooter) tradition, the newly released game of the developer Orion Arts will be extremely suitable for your taste. This game is called “Galerider” with gameplay mechanics in the style of riding a dragon and shooting, bearing the imprint of the classic series Panzer Dragoon.


From what we can see in the trailer, Galerider more linear than Panzer Dragoon and glean a few more details from another rail shooter, Star Fox. “Do a somersault in the air…on the back of a dragon!” It will definitely be here. Check out the trailer for the game below.

Galerider There will be 9 levels spread across 3 different locations. The setting of the game takes place in a dystopian world called Hyperia. This is the world of warriors, in which the Galerider are the best warriors capable of riding and controlling giant ferocious beasts – dragons Wind Drakes.


Players will take on the role of Bree, a female Galerider warrior on a mission to save her people from the calamity of darkness. Do you remember the title? mobile games the old line of rail shooter Arc Squadron – a masterpiece released by the Psyonix family in 2012 before they thrived thanks to Rocket League? Galerider will make people think of Arc Squadron with dragons flying across the sky. The game is expected to launch on the App Store in early October.​

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