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Unlike many other download support software on the market, Ant Download Manager specifically allows users to drag and drop content directly to download from the software, replacing the traditional copy and paste method quite cumbersome like IDM and many other software

Referring to download software, IDM is too familiar and easy to recognize and learn how to install IDM to use this software. Currently, with the appearance of Ant Download Manager, users have more choices for themselves

Download video in ant download video

Both Ant Download Manager and IDM have similarities, users can completely increase the download speed of the two software If you want to speed up IDM, Emergenceingames.com also had an introduction. You can refer to how speed up IDM, improve the download speed of IDM for better understanding. And in this article, Emergenceingames.com will guide you how to download on Ant Download Manager software by simply dragging and dropping.

Instructions to drag and drop to download files on Ant Download Manager

First of all, you need to have the latest version of Ant Download Manager (ADM) software.

Step 1: Download ADM download support software: Download Ant Download Manager. See how install Ant Download Manager to successfully install the software on your computer

Step 2: From the main interface of supported browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or IE, click on the URL link above and highlight it.

download video in ant download video

Step 3: After highlighting, use the mouse to move the link from the browser to the main interface of Ant Download Manager software. Note, hover over the software until the copy screen is displayed just below the arrow.

how to download video in ant download video

Step 4: The interface to install the downloaded file appears. Here, you can choose download formats such as video (3GP, MP4 or WEBM), audio (MP3) to download.

Huong Dan Kee Tha download in ant download video

Step 5: Click download to start downloading the file or video. You can also click Download Later to move the download time to another time.

download video ant download video

Step 6: Video or file downloaded successfully. You can already enjoy the results.

Huong Dan Kee Tha download elephant ant download video

ant download video

How to do the same with downloading files

download bang ant download video

The message displayed when the download is complete

Thus, you can successfully download any file or video online through the drag-and-drop feature of Ant Download Manager.

A note to repeat is to drag-and-drop files or videos through supported browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Once you are able to download, you can learn some other instructions to help you download videos without sound, or how to copy the web link into ant download manager software. With Ant Download Manager, you can also easily download Facebook videos to your computer, facebook videos are currently shared a lot, so you can download them to watch in your free time.

Ant Download Manager download support software, although just released not long ago, has gradually shown its capabilities and superiority compared to many other software, see article Ant Download Manager vs IDM if you want to know what features Ant Download Manager has that makes you better to use IDM

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