Dota 2: Vengeful Spirit is back in meta 7.30

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Vengeful Spirit’s win and pick rates have been steadily increasing since patch 7.30 was released. Visit any stream or a match from Ancient rank and above, there is a high chance you will meet VS in the vast majority of games. Vengeful Spirit currently has a pick rate of about 13% and a win rate of 55% across all ranks, played in a variety of positions.


This hero has always had great growth stats and has one of the best skill sets to support his teammates. With the ability to save, gank and increase damage, VS really doesn’t have many weaknesses. Vengeful Spirit’s biggest weakness is the lack of AoE damage to farm and wave creep. In addition, VS often has to make sacrifices because teammates sometimes create a feeling of depression.

Patch 7.30 buffs Nether Swap up, reducing damage to Venge and swapped allies. This makes the ultimate a dependable core saver, and gives Vengeful Spirit a chance to survive the swap. This change is extremely useful in position 4 and offlane, where VS is being played commonly. This growth, especially with patch 7.30, has mostly revolved around one item: the Green Stick.


Back in 7.28, VS’s green stick changed to: VS’s shadow cast on death. This ball can cast spells (but cannot use items) and moves faster than normal. In a way, the green stick function gives Vengeful Spirit an Aegis and Refresher Orb every time it dies. Even without the item, being able to respawn on the spot full of health/mana and skill that can be cast right away is too powerful a mechanism. The problem is that the hero farm is poor, so getting to the 4200 gold item is a difficult challenge for the support to die constantly. However, in the offlane and position 4, VS usually has enough assist and kill gold to complete the green in 20 minutes into the game.

Most of the other items focus on her tanking and stat stacking. The respawn of the green bat with all skills ready to cast can be nerfed. In Immortal pub rank games, VS has a 61% win rate in position 4 and a 52% win rate in the offlane. A few carry or mid players have a win rate of over 55%. Only position 5 Vengeful Spirit has slipped below the 50% mark, at an unimpressive 45%.

vengeful spirit dota 2 - Emergenceingame


The way to build items is usually Magic Wand, Power Treads and green stick. In addition, players also buy aura items like Drum of Endurance, Vladimir’s Offering or add efficiency stats like Dragon Lance, Manta Style or Butterfly. Neutral items help Vengeful Spirit keep pace with farming, while the ability to increase death experience when gaining a green stick helps the hero not to fall back despite taking on the sacrificial role.

In general, Vengeful Spirit is considered to be the most popular hero picked in the patch. VS still suffers from poor farming speed but if not for position 5, Vengeful Spirit will thrive in patch 7.30

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