Dota 2: Is 7.30’s new Tinker strong?

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Tinker rework 7.30 was initially met with skepticism because the hero lost his primary farming tool. That means the hero needs a new early game farming tool. So is Tinker 7.30 now better than old? Let’s find out together.


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Initially, it seemed that Tinker was heavily nerfed, as win rate dropped to 45% at all ranks. This is a time when people are adapting to change. Also during this period, Tinker was played more. Hero popularity increased from 8.5% before the update to 15.25% peak. However, the most interesting point is the trend that followed.

After the initial drop, in the next two weeks, Tinker’s win rate is back to what it was before the update, at around 50%: not strong, but ok. Usually, many people think that this change is a result of the hero gradually losing its appeal, returning it to its old value and Tinker is only played by good Tinker gamers. This time, however, that was not true.

Hero’s popularity has really increased. It increased from 8.5% to almost 10.5%. Normally, as a hero becomes more popular, their win rate decreases, rather than returning to their original values. However, what is more amazing is that in addition to playing well, Tinker also has a win rate of nearly 55% at Divine rank and above, at the time of writing.

In short, now more Tinker players, while the win rate is similar to the old patch, more specifically, at high ranks, this hero is very successful. So is this the hero that will shape patch 7.30 but is yet to be discovered by the pro arena?


Tinker used to need to farm Boots of Travel as soon as possible, then go to Blink Dagger and then follow a variety of builds, possibly focusing on damage or utility. The first two items, along with the Soul Ring are undisputed. They are too important to keep Tinker running. In the later stages of the game, the hero also often goes to Boots of Travel 2 if conditions allow.

Now, the hero doesn’t need Boots of Travel anymore. Therefore, the hero cannot farm as fast as before, at least for the first 15 minutes of the game. That means the hero doesn’t need to farm skill because he won’t have that skill anyway (until Shard), so Tinker can max two nuke moves at level 9!!

Because not having to put on shoes and focus on Blink Dagger after getting Soul Ring allows Tinker to change from greedy core farm to core tempo magic damage. Referring to the dotabuff manual page, we can easily see that the best Tinker player can get on Blink Dagger 10 minutes before. In team kills, Tinker participates more than 80%.

Tinker is a global hero with an extremely high tempo, a great contribution to teamfight and a huge amount of magic damage he brings. Not to mention, Tinker now has one more item slot left, compared to other cores because the hero doesn’t need to be booted. Tinker is now as effective as before, maybe even greener earlier. What about Tinker’s Macros array?

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One of Tinker’s weaknesses in the past was that even though the hero was very effective at knocking down opponents, Tinker also took down his team. Playing core position 1 farm greedily with Tinker in the team was almost difficult before. Now, Tinker can create space, instead of going for it. The current opponent won’t be playing against Tinker and a poor farm postion, but against both strong cores.

It sounds a bit exaggerated, but it’s partly true. Tinker no longer effectively pushes lane and defends highground as well as before, at least before the first 20 minutes of the game. However, it does not mean that the farm team is poor. The amount of gold will be divided more evenly among members and this is a big plus for Tinker pub and sometimes even pro Tinker.

Overall, the 7.30 rework makes Tinker more pleasant to play with as well as to encounter. While Tinker can still overwhelm later (sometimes even more than before), progress slows, and can be easily countered if the opposing team plays quickly or has a significant lead. Taking advantage of Net Worth to complete objectives will be easier when meeting the new Tinker.


The new Tinker is still in beta, but looking at the stats for the past two weeks, it seems like the hero has gotten stronger at high ranks, while being less annoying against new players. Being more player-friendly is welcome, because Tinker has previously been very annoying to encounter.

The article feels that Tinker needs a little more nerf before The International, if the trend wins and popularity continues to increase. So do you agree with the article’s opinion or is the new Tinker really weaker than the old one? Please share in the comments section at the end of the post.

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