Dota 2 TI10: China tops the second day of competition

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TI10’s second day of Dota 2 is over and China continues to dominate the group stage. iG and ViCi Gaming topped each of their groups.

A few weeks before the tournament in Romania started, most fans and experts predicted this would be a great opportunity for the Chinese representatives to bring home the Aegis shield. Craving for the title of TI, China this time has up to 5 names participating in the tournament. But things soon went bad.

Right before the tournament, Team Aster announced that the entire camera crew, players, team leader and coach were positive for covid. Invictus Gaming then reported that at least one player tested positive. Due to special circumstances, Valve allowed Aster to play TI10 at the current venue with each member self-isolating, however Liu “White Album” Yuhao was unwell to compete on the first day of TI10.

But everything seems to be fine now. From the team that was considered the weakest of the Chinese region at TI, Team Aster has won the hearts of fans. Although not in the best form, White Album still returned to the competition and had the most unexpected upset of the day, winning 2:0 defending champion OG. Notably, this is the first time OG has met China since 2019 and this victory brings many important meanings to Chinese fans. Team Aster is still the lowest ranked Chinese team at TI, ranking 7th in Group B, but with this win and the return of White Album, the team is mentally ahead to get ready for the remaining two days. .

ViCi Gaming won every first game of the day (6 wins) to top Group B with a record of 9:1. This is also the achievement and ranking Invictus Gaming is holding in Group A.

With the remaining two Chinese teams, PSG.LGD ranked second in Group B and Elephant ranked 5th. Although the superstar Elephant squad still had a chance to win a place in the winning bracket, a catastrophic 0-2 defeat against Team Spirit made it difficult for the team to win. The strength rating of the team is significantly reduced.

Group stage rankings on the 2nd match day

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Speaking of heroes, there were almost 100 heroes picked in the tournament even though it’s only been 2 days.

Tinker entered on the second day with 6 games played and lost only one game, achieving an 83% win rate.

Monkey King, Tiny, Io and Weaver are quite popular in ban/pick in most games, even though Tiny and Io’s win rates are low.

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