CSGO: Has Smurf been in FACEIT since the Prime change?

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FACEIT has been in constant trouble in recent months. And now, it looks like they’ll have at least one more problem.

A lot of complaints from players about FACEIT’s CSGO matchmaking service, specifically the spike in smurf numbers at low ranks. New and less skilled players are facing advanced players using new accounts. That creates a not very enjoyable playing experience, as well as affects the ELO score of genuine gamers.

Many debates related to this issue are erupting all over social media. A series of examples of accounts that have just been created but have sky-high scores are presented.

FACEIT is in a difficult position this summer. Last June, Valve made a lot of big changes to CSGO, forcing ranked matchmaking and dropping items in the game only for those with Prime, requiring $15 to own Prime. Along with that, there are many bans in CSGO aimed at smurfs and boosters. These adjustments are intended to help improve the CSGO playing experience better for the community.

While CSGO matchmaking from the Valve system has improved somewhat, third-party matchmaking services including ESEA and FACEIT have suffered from the changes. Not allowing free accounts to use the above perks opens the way for new players to spill over to third-party services. Hackers are free to cheat at ESEA/FACEIT with a new account without fear of being banned from the main CSGO account that they spent money on.

Specifically, FACEIT is currently unable to keep up with hackers. Smurf is also creating a similar problem, but more difficult to deal with because good players can create new accounts and ‘handle’ opponents below their level easily.

What is Smurf in FPS games?

Smurf is a term in FPS as well as other games describing a good player who always wants to fight against players who are much worse than the picture. Most online multiplayer games have a matchmaking system that tries to match players of the same skill level. Smurf often asks to intentionally lose to trick the system into thinking that he is not good, or create a new account so that the system does not detect the real level in time.

Smurf brings bad impact to the community and is almost sanctioned in most online games. The problem is that the games are free, so there’s nothing to stop these vandals from creating new accounts.

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