Dota 2 severely punishes gamers who “break the game”, locking accounts for 19 years

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Recently Valve released a big update for Dota 2, which includes matchmaking mode. Along with that, the company has also taken measures to punish players who have bad behavior in the game. This penalty applies to gamers with low “Behavior Scores” behavior scores – those who buy or sell accounts Steam To get a higher rank, players use 3rd party software to take advantage of other players.​


Today, there are many players sharing on the forum Reddit that his account has been banned for up to 19 years, more specifically, until January 19, 2038. According to the Dexerto site, this sanctions of Dota 2 not only has a long time, but also is based on the player’s account data, so if a player intends to create a secondary nick to enter the game, the system will also recognize the phone numbers already in the list. black book that refuses to let this sub-nick enter the game.

Valve is also planning a weekly ban, this time players will be “banned” without any warning notice. Valve also hopes to reduce the number of smurf accounts to ensure fairness in the game, avoiding low-level gamers from having to “eat” from the “gods”.​


On Reddit, users all agree with Valve’s punishment for these game breakers. However, a player with an ID of Meepomon discovered that if he changed the date on the computer to 2039, the player could very well bypass this penalty. Surely Valve will fix this bug in the near future so that its penalty does not become a “childish joke” that has no value. That’s why if you’re playing Dota 2, players need to be careful with their behavior, don’t let their “behavior score” get low and be sent to prison by Valve. As for the players who got their acc banned until 2038, see you at TI28!

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