Dota 2: Return of Mushi?

Mushi Dota 2
Mushi Dota 2

The story of the old general Mushi…

Chapter 1: Lost

It’s been half a year since Mushi left his TI8 team Mineski. Immediately after TI8, Mineski had a significant change: The star of the team, the famous offlaner iceiceice, left the organization with Jabz. Both are currently playing for fnatic and have been quite successful – fnatic has almost secured their ticket to TI9.

The two players that replaced them were Kpii and Febby. The Dota 2 community, especially in Southeast Asia, is surprised and excited about these two new names. However, things did not go smoothly. Mineski was unable to qualify for the Kuala Lumpur Major, forcing Mushi to leave the team. Meanwhile, Mineski is gradually returning in the DPC season – the boys won the right to attend the Disneyland Paris Major 2 weeks ago – and Mushi is still on a journey to find himself a new destination…

Mushi tro lai - Emergenceingame

Chapter 2: Legendary duo

The next team Mushi joins in early 2019 is the Tigers, the team that owns pub star InYourDream. But the most prominent name is Dendi – he also joined the Tigers! Once again, everyone is expecting a brilliant result when two legends play for the same team. Unfortunately, life is not like a dream. The Tigers failed to qualify for any Majors, and then InYourDream also left the team. Joining the professional arena for the first time, this is really a big regret for pub star InYourDream.

Not long after, Mushi moved into a new house. This time he moved to China, where Mushi played in 2014 and is loved by the Chinese community. Mushi can make thousands of dollars just by streaming in China! In China, he was invited to the team by Aster. The team owns legendary names like Sylar, Fenrir and is coached by BurNIng.

Before that, Aster had not yet achieved any success. Now, with Mushi’s involvement, Aster’s condition hasn’t changed much. And this time, he went again.

Mushi tro lai 1 - Emergenceingame

Chapter 3: Mushi is out of time?

After many months of moving, has Mushi found a new destination to call ‘home’ yet? He is currently playing for GeekFarm with Skem – a player who caused drama because of racist comments in 2018.

GeekFarm entered the Southeast Asian qualifiers through the open qualifiers, but they didn’t stop there! The boys beat TNC.Predator, once one of the strongest Southeast Asian forces in recent TIs. Maybe it’s because Mushi can play his mid position, while the other carries are all reliable. Raven, a familiar name from the Philippines, plays the role of hard carry while Skem plays in Offlane.

And yet, GeekFarm also defeated WarriorsGaming.Unity – the team of Mushi’s former Tigers teammate, Moonmeander. Moonmeander is a pretty prominent name in the world Dota village.

Mushi tro lai 2 - Emergenceingame

Chapter 4: Can Mushi return to TI?

Mushi has been a familiar face at TIs since 2013, so do you think he can continue to participate in this most prestigious tournament? Let’s wait and see where this legend’s journey will go.

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